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  1. Harigarakumar Velayudam says

    I tried this today Suguna. It’s smelling so much flavorful right out of the pot. I’m going to try it with rice tomorrow.

  2. Vijayalakshmi says

    Excellent recipe Suguna… 😋😋 my family day it’s finger licking good! I am a veggie but the aroma in the house is heavenly. Thank you for sharing so many lovely recipes. I have tried a lot of them since my friend (Priya) introduced me to your webpages
    Thank you for making cooking a pleasure

  3. Divya says

    Ms. Suguna, I love your recipes and it is normally well accepted in my tamil big household. I have abasic question. Your recipes most of the time do not include dhania powder. I learnt/follow my MIL cooking and she doesnt accept the absense of dhania thool. Whats your advice?

  4. Leela says

    Hi Suguna,
    I love all the recipes you post. Every recipe I have tried till date has turned out great. Thank you for posting them.

    In the above recipe you have mentioned kuzhambu milaga podi. What podi is this? Is it not the regular chilli powder? Is there is a substitute for it?

    Your advice I appreciated.


  5. maria.K says

    hi, why wouldnt sambhar pwd work well as a substitute in the recipe if the spice
    mix is similar as mentioned earlier?- was planning to add it as a sub. but thought
    i’d clarify first – regards

  6. Alonna says


    I love your recipes. I live in the US and have a blender. I see you recommend a “heavy duty mixie.” Does a blender work as well? The mixie you recommend is not available in the US (at least through Amazon).