How to grate Coconut, How to Shred Coconut in a Mixie / Blender


Coconut is an indispensable ingredient in a South Indian Kitchen. Grating fresh coconut can be done in many ways. Traditionally an instrument called “Aruvamanai” is used in Tamilnadu where the coconut is broken and the meat is scraped with the help of aruvamanai.

Here are some pictures of aruvamanai.



I prefer to use my trusty knife and a mixie / blender for the job. Grating and shredding coconut is so easy with a knife. It will take just 4-5 minutes to shred a whole big coconut from start to finish.

Here is a video on how to shred / grate a coconut with a knife.

A note on storing.
Coconut is highly perishable even in the refrigerator. I like to store my grated coconut, coconut meat or shredded coconut in the freezer at all times.
I Store coconut meat (before grinding in the mixie) in the freezer and use it whenever required. I thaw the coconut and then use it for the recipe. In moments of hurry, I thaw the coconut in little water and use it.

I love my panasonic mixie that shreds the coconut in no time. Its a very powerful mixie and I cannot live without it in my indian kitchen.


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  1. Hi,
    Very useful post…jst lik to know which mixie jar u used for it the wet, dry or chutney jar…?

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