Fun activities to do while waiting for food to cook

fun activities
This may sound like the easiest part of the cooking process, but for some, this may be a challenging time. We all went through random occasions when we forgot our cake in the oven or left the pan unattended and messed up our dish. So, what should we do during this time? Here are some tips on fun multitasking while keeping an eye on the food.

Listen to your favorite tunes
It may feel like a no-brainer, but it is actually the perfect way to keep yourself occupied while still attentive to your food. However, we can easily get distracted by anything, so setting up a timer would probably be the best idea for you. Music has tremendous benefits for our brain and can keep us engaged at all times.
Some research shows that music can even help you regulate your blood pressure and ease pain and anxiety while providing other health benefits such as higher sleep quality, mood, and mental vigilance.
Create a playlist of your favorite songs
Creating a playlist with your favorite songs to listen to while cooking would enhance your cooking experience majorly. You can do this while waiting for your food directly on your mobile device, so there’s no need to leave the kitchen and leave your food unattended. Pick songs that lift your mood and enjoy the time off to destress and listen to music that makes you happy and present in the moment.
Treat yourself to a fancy drink
Sometimes cooking can be a little stressful, especially when cooking for a group of friends or family members. We all want our dish to impress and satisfy everyone’s taste, so the pressure we can be under is a bit overwhelming. Another great tip we can offer you is to come up with a lovely drink recipe while your food is still cooking. Simply sit down, enjoy your cocktail or lemonade and take a well-deserved break.
Play a game
fun activities 2
Another fun and convenient activity you can do directly on your mobile device is to play some mobile games. Nowadays, there is a massive variety of games. Some may prefer to play racing games, fighting games, or other mobile games.
However, you can also engage in some gambling, as many casino game producers offer mobile-friendly options to their customers through apps created especially for mobile users. You can also try the Gordon Ramsay-inspired slot game.
What are the most popular types of mobile games?
The most appreciated mobile games are from the following genres: action, arcade, and battle royale. Also, online betting is preferred over typical casino websites. So, if you’re into games you can play on your phone, it is an excellent activity for time to pass by quicker.
Clean your kitchen
How annoying is it to finish cooking and your whole kitchen is a disaster? This habit can be changed so you can enjoy your meal without worrying about returning to work. Therefore, while your food is cooking and you have nothing else better to do, just start cleaning up and washing everything so that when the food is ready to be served, your kitchen is spotless, and you can enjoy your meal carefree with your loved ones.
Listen to a podcast
Another fun way to distract yourself from boredom while waiting in the kitchen is to listen to a podcast. We all have busy schedules, so we think we don’t get enough time during the day to do things we enjoy.
The best way to make time for yourself is to multitask, so the next time you are lying around the kitchen listening to a podcast, you haven’t had the chance to start. So, the next time a podcast appears on your feed, and you have no time to watch it at that moment, save it for later.
Read your favorite blog or book
Another exciting activity you can engage in is reading your favorite blog or book. Maybe your favorite writer or blogger recently launched a piece, and you forgot to check it out. Now would be a perfect time. You can also keep updated on the latest news before serving the meal.
Set a timer and enjoy the rest of your day
Another trick most people do instead of getting bored while guarding the stove is to set a timer and do activities that don’t require your presence in the kitchen, like taking a shower or bath, working out, or even resting. However, if the meal requires more attention, you can set multiple alarms to remind you to check on your food.
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