Going Vegan – Your First Step Towards a Healthy Life

Evolution is imminent, and an essential part of “growing up” is rediscovering our needs and necessities and changing our lifestyles to accommodate the same. There once was a time when meat was an integral part of our diets. Aside from religious requirements, quite a large part of the population across the world regularly ate some form of meat daily. Undoubtedly an essential source of protein, meat was also what kept our ancestors alive.

However, the world has changed tremendously ever since. While our forefathers relied on meat because other forms of foods were not available, the same is not the case right now. Moreover, news about animal cruelty has led people to give up meat altogether, as they move towards a more humane lifestyle that is equally, if not more, beneficial for the body and the mind.

So, what are the advantages of going vegan or at least vegetarian to start with? Why is it that more and more athletes are moving towards a plant-based diet when meat was a vital part of their food intake, until a few years back? Finally, what has led veganism to become more than a trend, and the first step towards a healthy lifestyle?


More Nutrients
By the simple process of elimination, once you stop eating meat and dairy products, you will be forced to consume other foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. As a result of this, your daily intake of nutrients, found inside these diverse foods, will increase. Which also raises the question if all vegan foods are alike? The short answer to this is, they are not, especially when you take into account concoctions such as fake meat. Just like with any other food, it is crucial to take into account the nutrient values of whatever you eat and focus on foods that provide you with the maximum amounts of antioxidants, vitamins, and fibre. There are a lot of products that satisfy the needs of a vegan. Here is an honest review on Green Vibrance.
Being vegan is an essential part of fighting for animal rights. Besides denouncing the inhuman killing of living beings, veganism goes a step further and disregards any dairy products either. This stops all practices that in any way, lead to contamination of our foods as well as mistreatment for cattle for the benefit of humankind. Moreover, to further support the cause, there has been a noticeable increase in vegan and vegetarian restaurants across the world. It has reached a point that many fast-food restaurants now have options for both vegans and vegetarians, leaving meat-eaters with no excuse not to slowly make changes to their diets.

Body Effects
The effects of a clean, plant-based diet on our bodies has long been proven by research. Not only does veganism lead to weight loss, but it also helps lower blood sugar resulting in lesser chances of getting type 2 diabetes. Furthermore, regular intake of fruits and legumes has been directly linked to lessening the chances of getting certain types of cancer. From reducing risk of heart disease to pain control for arthritis patients, the medical benefits of a vegan diet are reasons enough to consciously work towards adopting veganism, or at least a part of it, in our daily lives.

2 thoughts on “Going Vegan – Your First Step Towards a Healthy Life”

  1. Nithya Varadarajan

    Hi suguna, long time no see. I have thoughts of becoming vegan and your post came in my search. Looking forward for.more recipes.. Especially the thought of yogurt and cheese substitute still delays the decision. Rest is still managable.

  2. Hi!
    Does this mean you are turning vegan/vegetarian?
    I learnt to cook by diligently following your recipes over the past many years, and a lot of them including pallipalayam chicken and so on would exactly resemble what paati made when we were kids.
    I decided to give up meat two years ago and it has been wonderful still. With a little bit of innovation and more recently thanks to the availability of plant based meats where I live in, we make a lot of traditional recipes but with vegetarian substitutes and we love it.
    Food is love. Food is memories.
    Love,regards and happy transitioning,

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