How to season your iron dosa pan

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My ultimate comfort food has to be dosa. To me, nothing like a dosa from an iron pan. But many times iron pans just doesn’t work. Every household will have that worn out rusty dosa pans that they don’t use anymore. Its time to dust them as we are going to learn how to season them. Properly seasoned iron pan lasts a lifetime. Its durable. The older the pan gets with usage, better the pan gets. The surface of the pan becomes as good as no stick Teflon pans sans the toxins.
Now lets get into business. Shall we?

Old rusty dosa pan | First step in seasoning a pan is a good cold water soak. All dosa pans need this as there can be a lot of accumulated dried gunk. When you look closely at a used dosa pan, you can notice a lot of scales around the rim. The goal of soaking is to try and soften the gunk.

Cast iron pan seasoning soak.
Fill a wide bucket with cold water. Soak the iron pan in it. Make sure that its fully immersed. Leave it there for a good two hours.  Some of the gunk would have softened by this time. You know now is the perfect time for? oh yes…Scrubbing…Soaking makes removing the dried up gunk easier.

dosa pan seasoning -scrub | You will need a metal dish scrubber, dish soap and the soaked pan. Start scrubbing….Try to get rid of as much gunk as possible. Some of the scales might not go. Its ok. Its not going to do any harm. Wash and dry thoroughly. Give it two hours to dry. That is it. Stage two over.

This stage is where the magic happens. Lets talk about oil. When oil is heated to high temperatures on a metal surface, it polymerizes. when you heat oil on a metal surface for a long time, it breaks down. It becomes like goo. Most of the times the rim of the dosa pan will be scaly. It is because the rim never comes in contact with food (dosa batter in this case) and over the long run, the oil on the rim polymerizes, then dries into large flakes.
Now, back in business. Apply oil generously to your pan and heat it on medium for a good ten minutes. It will smoke. So crank up that chimney. After 10 minutes switch off and rest the pan for one hour. Clean the oil which has now become goo with a paper napkin. Lets repeat again! Apply oil generously to your pan and heat it on medium for a good ten minutes. After 10 minutes, switch off and rest the pan for one hour. Clean the oil which has now become goo with a paper napkin. Lets repeat for one last time! Apply oil generously to your pan and heat it on medium for a good ten minutes. After 10 minutes switch off and rest the pan for one hour. Clean the oil which has now become goo with a paper napkin. Wash the pan with warm water. DO NOT USE SOAP. Your pan is seasoned and ready to rock.

Dosa pan after seasoning |

Here are the rules after seasoning:
Use only a sharp steel spatula to turn your dosa. No you wont harm the seasoned pan. Wooden spatulas do not work. I have my trusty fish turner which is my default dosa spatula. You need not wash your pan with soap after use everyday. Just a rinse with water and you are good to go. The seasoning forms on the pan everyday when you use it. Its  called the “patina” –  the natural oil coating that forms on the pan that provides the non stick qualities. So do not use soap to wash the pan once its seasoned. Soap will take the patina away. Just wash in warm water and slightly scrub if necessary.

Some people have had problems with the new cast iron pan. Here are some tips.

When you receive a new pan, Heat 2 tablespoon of coconut oil or gingely oil for 5 minutes on the pan. Remove from heat and let it cool. Wipe with a tissue and set aside. That is all you need to do.

Religiously, after each use, wash in water if necessary. Else, wipe off with a dry cloth and apply a teaspoon of cooking oil to the surface. Once in a while, apply cooking oil to the back of the pan too to avoid rusting.

# Never heat the pan to smoking hot at any circumstances.
# If the dosa is sticking in the initial days , mix one egg to 3 cups of dosa batter and make dosas. Do this for a week. The dosa pan will get super seasoned.
# Cut an onion into half, and apply onto the hot pan with some oil before every dosa.
# Do not wash after every use. Just a wipe with a wet tissue is enough. As we are heating the griddle every time, it gets sterilized. No need to wash each time.
# Always apply oil after each use. Don’t forget.
# Have a separate pan for dosa and chapati.
# If for some reason your pan is ruined ( you made rotis and dosas are starting to stick), do the seasoning again. Heat 2 tablespoon of coconut oil or gingely oil for 5 minutes on the pan. Remove from heat and let it cool. Wipe with a tissue and set aside. That is all you need to do.
# If you are watching your oil consumption and do not want to use oil for your dosas, here is what you can do. Take a tissue and wet it in some oil. After each dosa, slightly rub the tissue on the pan to cover it with a thin coat of oil so the dosas wont stick.

Recently I came across this dosa pan manufactured in Coimbatore by my school buddy Santosh. Its made in India and excellent alternative to Lodge pan. Proudly made in Coimbatore. It is 12 inches and really good for the home kitchen. Its friendly on the pocket too!


When it comes to cast iron skillets, it has to be Lodge. But it is expensive in India. I love love LODGE cast iron pans for many reasons. Lodge has been there for “100 years and still cooking . . .”. Its extremely durable and gets better with age. Lodge cast iron is easy to season and stays seasoned for a long long time if used regularly. The quality of dosas from an iron pan cannot be beat. I have the Lodge L9OG3 Pre-Seasoned Cast-Iron Round Griddle, 10.5-inch and couldn’t be more happier. I have had it for more than 5+ years now and its still running strong thousands of dosas later.
Winner winner dosa dinner!

Click Here for the dosa recipe.

favorite lodge cast iron dosa pan |

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  1. Hi, I just inaugurated a lodge tawa and the dosa (especially the edges) are sticking stubbornly to the pan. I need to use it on a glass-stop electric stove and don’t have flame/induction. Would be very grateful for your suggestions! Thank you

  2. Hi, Have you used your friend’s ‘Rock’ cast iron brand from India? Is it same as Lodge or you find Lodge better? Price is not an issue but I want to invest in a good cast iron. Thanks

  3. Yamuna Narayanan

    Madam, I am Yamuna, u have given us a good solution as to how we have to season iron tawa thanks.

    Madam middle portion of dosa or adai becomes black what should I do.

  4. Lakshmi Shree Mahadevan

    Thank you so much for your helpful tips. I wanted to replace all my non stick cookware with stainless steel and cast iron. I was a little skeptical about the iron pan rusting and worried if the maintenance is going to be too time consuming. This sounds doable. Now I can make my husbands favorite irumbu kal dosai just like his mom! 🥰

  5. Chaitali Deshmukh

    Can you fry egg on lodge griddle/skillet with less oil or is non-stick better?

  6. Shanti Dharmaraj

    Thank you for the useful tips to season an Iron Tawa. I reside in Coimbatore. As you have mentioned in your post about your friend manufacturing iron Tawa’s,I would like to know where I can get a good seasoned tawa.
    Thank you
    Shanti Dharmaraj

  7. Can u share your friend Santosh’s details who is selling cast iron dosa tawa.
    Will appreciate.

  8. Hi, I am facing a peculiar problem. The first dosa does not stick to the tawa. But the second one sticks so hard that even cleaning the tawa becomes a task. This happened for the third time so can you please help? I had done the seasoning earlier.

    1. For a few days, be generous with the oil and make sure that the flame is not too hot or the centre will really brown and stick.
      And make the dosas slightly thick for a few days.
      Mixing egg in the batter helps. Do these for a few days until the tawa is really well seasoned.

  9. Hi mam recently I got lodge griddle I seasoned it using oven for two times after that I tried to make dosa but it’s hardly sticking into the pan.. what can I do now ?

    1. Add an egg to dosa batter and make dosa for a couple of days. Or rub with a potato / onion before every dosa for a couple of days. It should be ok.

  10. Hi… Recently I bought lodge dosa tawa.. It is looking good… Is it necessary to season that before using.

  11. Hi,
    I seasoned my iron kadai(not cast iron) using oil n salt and later soaked it with rice kanji for a day…now wen I scrub the kadai i keep getting black residue… I scrubbed with dishwash liquid like 15 times n I still keep getting the black residue.
    Can u please help me how to get rid of this and strart using the kadai.

  12. Hi can you tell me if I’ve ruined my lodge cast iron griddle by not wiping it dry after washing? I just bought it. Haven’t used it yet. There are some patches/spots on the griddle now.

  13. Hi. I need to buy a dosa tawa. Please suggest between rock tawa and Lodge. Which one is better?
    Also, i need thin cast iron skillet to make akki rotti. Where can i get those?

  14. Shyam Sundar

    Hi madam your seasoning steps seems to be perfect. I recently bought a well seasoned Iron Dosa Tawa and Cast Iron Kadai. I removed the seasoning as I myself liked to do the process and it took 1 week for proper seasoning. But we often forget to apply oil after the cookwares are cleaned. We apply oil and heat our cookware once in 2 weeks. My Dosa Tawa gets rusted on the bottom, in front due to continuous usage it remains sticky without any rusting. Also if I leave my Kadai without use for 3-4 days it gets rusted a bit. Is applying oil after use the only solution to avoid rusting or any other method to avoid rust. Kindly advise.

    1. Hi Shyam,
      Do not wash the kadai after every use. In case you wash it, towel dry immediately.
      Also applying a thin coat of oil on the back from time to time will help avoiding rusting.
      Thank you.

  15. I have an iron tawa,when I make dosa the issue is the centre of dosa quickly gets brown and the corners are still White. What is that issue would be.

  16. Hi mam you have mentioned in this article that your scl mate mr. Santhosh is selling this type of cast iron. I want to buy dosa tawa. I am also from coimbatore mam so it would be easy for me.

  17. Hi pl help me. I hv alwys used cast iron tawa for dose, akki rotti, jolada rotti, apam etc at home in bang.
    Now i stay more in gujarat. I recently bought a cast iron deep kadai in gandhinagar, gujarat.
    Day 1 after wash i cooked cabbage fry..culdnt put in mouth. So mettalic.
    Later tried all tricks u mentioned, googled nd also called mom.
    After doing all the above today i put dose batter nd spread it. Dosecame up great but taste i vl jorribly mettalic again. Pl Suggest me what i can do

  18. Hi,

    I have few question in using iron pan for chapathi. Is it required to apply oil on the pan for every chapathi? The dry flour which is used to roll the chapathi gets stuck to the iron pan.How to clean it and how frequently do we need to scrub the remains of chapathi?


    1. I keep a small cloth dipped in a little oil and I use that to clean the pan after couple of chapatis. It cleans the flour dust and also coats the pan with a very thin lining of oil. The chapatis do tend to stick when the pan gets heated high and the coating wears off. The little oil will help.
      One more good thing would be to apply a thin coat of oil with a cloth after use everyday.
      Cast iron does need a little care.
      Once every couple of months, I even apply a coat of oil on the bottom of the pan to avoid rusting.
      Hope this helps.

  19. Hi Ma’m,

    I have seasoned my tawa multiple times. It with your method but the dosa still sticks to it and I need to wash off all the patine again and only then it works better. If i dont then the dosa comes out with all black deposits.

    I have managed to season it well using onions and the top never rusts. It works well for few days and then the dosas start sticking again. And now I am quite fed up and have started using non stick again.

  20. Hi Suguna, what brand turner/spatula do you use? I looked around in my local stores but none of them looked thin or sharp enough for dosa…

  21. hi kannamma. im deepak here n reading ur blog on how to use tawa. Thanxs for detailing n advice. really a fan of ur blog.. for 2019 mine is the first comment

  22. Hi ma’am, I have recently bought an iron tawa for making dosas and I have noticed black color layer on it and is not completely going away when washing. How many ever times I wash it, it still has a layer of it. Does it cause any problems to health? And also let me know how to clean it before using it for the first time. Kindly reply.

    1. The black layer is the patina / the non stick coating that develops when seasoned with oil. You should not wash the pan after each use. The black layer is perfectly fine.

  23. Hi ma’am, can u pls tell what foods can be safely cooked in iron pan. As some say to avoid sour items,but we use it in almost majority of south Indian dishes. Like sambar with tomato and again fish curry and fry with tamarind? Many use iron tawa to fry fish,which includes tamarind paste.pls clarify 🙏

  24. Even I have a lodge pan separately for dosa and it a lot. Tried the OpOs vegkurma came out so well. Thanks for the recipe

  25. Hi mam..
    I just brought new lodge griddle for my dosas.. Even after oiling for first tym,batter is sticking to tawa.. Is it normal. Even for preseasoned griddle?? 🙁

    1. Just keep oiling for a week and it should be fine.
      # If the dosa is sticking in the initial days , mix one egg to 3 cups of dosa batter and make dosas. Do this for a week. The dosa pan will get super seasoned.
      # Cut an onion into half, and apply onto the hot pan with some oil before every dosa.
      # Do not wash after every use. Just a wipe with a wet tissue is enough. As we are heating the griddle every time, it gets sterilized. No need to wash each time.
      # Always apply oil after each use. Don’t forget.
      # Have a separate pan for dosa and chapati.

      1. Hi, my tawa is silver colour so same procedure the pic shown for new tawa is also black so have one confusion.

  26. Hi Mam..
    I just brought Lodge pre seasoned griddle for making dosas. After initial wash with mild soap, I dried and oiled it.. But when I tried dosas the batter is sticking to pan.. 🙁
    Is it normal??even for pre seasoned tawa? How long should I expect this???

  27. Dear Suguna,

    Thank you so much for sharing such a detailed post on seasoning iron tawa . I followed the same and after cooling the tawa I couldn’t remove the goey stuff wit tissue . I followed three time and rinsed the area but it is not coming off . How can I remove it ? Should I use steel scrubber again ? Does it remove the coating ? Appreciate your response .

    This is roti tava ( concave )

    1. Hi Kavya, Just heat the tawa a little and the grease should be easy to remove then.
      Dont use steel scrubber. All the hard work you put in to getting the patina (coating) will be lost.
      Hope this helps.

      1. Thank you for responding . I tried to remove heating it. I still couldn’t remove it 🙁 . I soaked it in hot water after it cooled off. It was just not possible. Used steel scrubber and removed most of it . 🙁 🙁
        I will just use coconut oil and heat it for 5 min and see if it works .

  28. I bought iron dosa tawa from the iron market. I tried making dosas. But it was all disastrous dosas. Then I followed your tip by heating up oil and spreading it thoroughly all over the pan by help of half onion for five minutes and it worked. I always wanted to make those kind of Street side crispy dosas. Because of you I can do that . Thanks Alot.

  29. Mam sterday bought a cast iron dosa tawa.after done a research about seasoning in youtube ,have soaked in rice boiled water,scrubbed with lemon n salt,finally a scrub with soap.but after doing these steps the pan got rusted (which were not when i buy )..shall i do the procedures which u mentioned? Iam really sad on seeing my pan…

  30. Trying to contact the Rock tawa manufacturer on the number given on the site, No reply. Also, the prices they dont mention on their site. And on amazon the products are not available.

  31. Hi,
    Thank you for the detailed post!
    Is it ok to use cold batter on the pan? Can you please add steps on dosa making with iron pan ( how hot should pan be etc,,,)
    Thank you!

  32. Hi Mam, the procedure you have given is very helpful.. I have got new cast iron appa Satti (thandavala kal). Is it the same procedure?

  33. I just bought a preseasoned iron kadai. Just rinsed it with hot water and mild soap. Cooked rava up a in that and the puma had a metallic iron taste. Please tell me what to do to avoid the iron smell in food. Thanks

    1. Which brand did you buy? Lodge or Rock? These are the two brands I recommend.
      Most of the local brands are so poorly manufactured with added metals etc… that might be a problem.

  34. Hi.. since one year i didnt uae my dosa skillet due to the sticking problem. After following your instructions iys great. Dosa came out like crepe. So again i can do same process from the beginng after months if i need to clean and wash my skillet.. is it okay. Thank you

  35. Today i was just about to season my new cast iron became black at bottom after high heating of 5mins. Is it ok?

    1. Thank the way..i went to shop last evening to ask about this black thing..he told it got burnt because of high heat…told me to use steel scubber and dish bar 3 to 4 times and it will be fine…shall i follow this only or any other suggestion

  36. Damayanthirajagopal

    Hi Suguna,
    I got a new iron kadai from local market. I followed your tips to season new iron tawa i.e i heated 2spoons of oil for 5 min.n let it cool.the kadai smoked even bfr 5 min and there was black hooey stuff in it. is it the rt way for seasoning new kadai too r should i soak in cold water and clean like u say for used rusty pans.i have failed using new kadai many times.okra becomes black when frying. SO PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS. HOW TO SEASON A NEW KADAI

    1. Damayanthirajagopal

      Also when i used tissue to apply oil all over the tissue was black. And after heating the oil-when it smoked i stopped heating n found black glue like stuff around the oil in the centre- i cant remove the gluey stuff

  37. Hi Suguna,
    Your writing is really great.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful method of Dosa pan seasoning.

  38. Muneera Sainulabdeen

    Hey. i really loved the way u mentioned the procedures to season the dosa kallu and it worked gud for me!! thank you !! I got a new appa chatti of iron and i tried washing it with soap and water like 5-6 times but the silver glittery coating is still coming off frm its surface.. Can you help me with a solution>>???

  39. Hi,
    Your post helped me remive my iron pan again! After the soaking and scrubbing, I seemed to have missed the point of drying (though i had wiped it clean and let it dry for 5-10mins) the pan for 2 hours and directly heated it for 10 mins with oil applied on it. Hope mistake of mine does not back fire 🙁

  40. Hi Suguna,

    I have got a new Lodge Cast Iron Tawa for Dosas. I need to know what needs to be done to season it? please give me instructions. I am waiting to use it!


  41. Hi Mam,

    Thank you so much for these tips. I have a similar iron tawa,which I couldn’t use for sometime and unfortunately got bit of rusty. I tried your tips,and all the rust is gone, but I find certain areas where the metal itself is corroded.Like when you touch the surface u can feel the roughness. Is it safe to use ? 🙁

  42. Hi Suguna, Like your posts very much, especially the way you explain every recipe in detail. No room for mistakes!! Apart from getting new recipes, I also brushed up my old recipes with your help. I have been using cast iron for many years now, simply love it. So this post has been particularly helpful since now I know the exact care that should be taken! I have been using Rock tava for a year now, it really is hassle free. It’s become my favourite now since I cook a lot of Dosas.

    Thanks and Best Wishes,

  43. Recently my iron dosa tawa was sticking so much and I became so much worried as i bought this tawa in my hometown(karur).Even I tried rubbing with onion n salt rubbing method but result was not good.By God’s grace I came across ur method of seasoning n tried today.Almost it took about half a day ( doubt layae dhaan senjaen) .The result was Sooper hit ,dosa is coming from the pan like nonsticky,whoooo am very happy.Thousands of thanks mam??

  44. Hi there, first of all thank you so much for helping me out with tips to prepare my iron tawa for dosa. I had an iron pan which was kept aside for almost 2 years because it was not giving out dosas properly. The batter would stick to it. So I have been using nonstick pan only. Your article re really helped me out. The dosas are coming just perfect now. Thanks a lot.

  45. You may have answered this below – sorry if this is a repeat. I think I am fairly successfully with the Cast Iron for Dosa, however Chapathis just frustrate me too buch. They stick terribly and burn too !!. Do you do anything different for a Chapathi. I am not sure how I can oil it before use for a Chapathi use. I did follow the 2 different tawas for Chapathi vs Dosa. Thanks

    1. Hi Aparna, if the chapatis are sticking, it means that the tawa is really super hot and the surface is dry. Try dipping a tissue in oil (few drops) and wipe the pan after every chapati so the chapatis dont stick. I do this for my chapatis too. A few drops of oil on the tissue and wipe the oiled tissue on the hot pan and continue with the chapatis.

      1. Okay perfect that works then… I will keep that on the smallest burner then. i was keeping it on low on the medium size burner. Thanks so much for the tip. I love cast iron – reminds me of my amma and India. Nostalgic, comforting and a tradition worth following.

        Thanks again

  46. Hi sugana. Please help me I have a old iron tawa which i am using it currently. Can Ifollow the same method to clean.? Please reply thanks

  47. Nagam Sivagurunathan

    I just bought a lodge cast iron pan. When i tried making dosas, it just keep sticking to it.i tried the oil soak for 5 mins. But it still sticks..What can i do to make it better.?!

    1. When you receive a new pan, Heat 2 tablespoon of coconut oil or gingely oil for 5 minutes on the pan. Remove from heat and let it cool. Wipe with a tissue and set aside. That is all you need to do.
      # If the dosa is sticking in the initial days , mix one egg to 3 cups of dosa batter and make dosas. Do this for a week. The dosa pan will get super seasoned.
      # Cut an onion into half, and apply onto the hot pan with some oil before every dosa.
      # Do not wash after every use. Just a wipe with a wet tissue is enough. As we are heating the griddle every time, it gets sterilized. No need to wash each time. DO NOT USE SOAP.
      # Always apply oil after each use. Don’t forget.
      # Have a separate pan for dosa and chapati.

  48. Hi ..thks for this post..very useful for us. I Just have a quick query ..I have ordered a lodge cast iron skillet online..I would like to know if I should follow these steps that you showed above, before starting to use the skillet for the very first time ?? ..and also how often should I season the tawa once I start to use it regularly? Looking forward to your reply.

      1. Thks a lot for replying.. my sis has ordered rock tawa from even that doesn’t need any seasoning right ..can she start using it right away ?

  49. Hello Suguna!

    Nice blog. I tried few of your recipes and they came out well. I have been forgetting to contact you about the dosa pan your friend Santosh manufactures. Which one would be your preference – Lodge pan or the ones manufactured in TN?


    1. Hi Valentina.
      I like both the pans. Lodge is pretty expensive in India and Rock is made in our own and its really reasonably priced for the quality one gets. Rock has bigger size dosa pans too!

  50. Hi, I live in Coimbatore. So, please tell me where do i get that pan . I dont see any picture

  51. Hi Suguna,

    Just stumbled on your site a few days ago. We tried the mutton chops and it turned out very nice. We’ll be trying a lot of items from your site 🙂

    I have all kinds of lodge utensils – pan, pot, griddle etc but seldom used due to the cleaning and maintenance nightmare! I see that you’ve been using Lodge as well, can we follow the same seasoning and cleaning procedure for all of those Lodge utensils too? I heard about not using any acidic items like lemon, tomato, vinegar etc in order to not lose the seasoning, what about pots or pans that we would use for non-frying purposes? If it’s as simple as you mentioned about maintenance then we would like to use the cast iron stuff more often.


    1. Yes. Srini. You can use the same method to season the pots and pans.
      Just remember to oil everytime after cleaning and setting aside for later use. Thats all you have to do.
      Do not use soap or harsh chemicals often to clean the pans.
      While heating, the high heat will sterilize the pans.

      1. Thanks much for your quick reply! This leads me to another question..sorry..

        Do not use soap or harsh chemicals often to clean the pans. — so, anything we cook biriyani or indian gravy or just anything – we just have to wash with water and heat the pan till it dries up, coat oil and store for next use? How do we know when to wash with soap? I thought no soap whenever fry type of work and soap at all other times.


        1. If you do cook biryani and stuff, you can lightly use soap and hot water to clean the pan. But immediately dry the pan and apply oil and set aside for future use. If you think water and scrub will be enough, then go ahead. If the grease in the pan irks you, then can wash with soap. no problem. But the key thing is to oil it. Cast iron comes with a lil maintenance work. Its hard for me to say, when to wash with soap and when not to. I almost always use hot water and scrub. I use soap once a couple of months.

  52. Naina Santani


    Thanks for this wonderful post. wish i had seen it a few days ago.

    I ordered a rock tawa which had an orange/golden tinge. Wasn’t sure if it was rust or something else, so i tried the usual rice kanji process to get rid of the rust. and applied oil.

    Stumbled across your post yesterday and did the seasoning like you described. looks like the patina is formed. But the colour is still there . Should i do something else or just go ahead and try making dosas ?

    Thank you.

      1. Naina Santani

        Thank you for the quick response, Suguna.
        I did try. And it didnt work 🙁 .
        Dosas sticking.

        1. Naina Santani

          But Why does it have that golden tinge ? Would you know ? I see someone else also had the same query.

        2. Try re-seasoning the pan again.
          Heat 2 tablespoon of coconut oil or gingely oil for 5 minutes on the pan. Remove from heat and let it cool. Wipe with a tissue and set aside. That is all you need to do.
          Please read my post on how to care for a new pan above.
          Regarding the tinge, i will get back to you.

          1. Naina Santani

            Repeated the procedure. Made crispy yummy dosas this morning. Thank you 🙂 🙂
            Please do let me know about the golden colour if you get to know

          2. I contacted the manufacturer and this is what they had to say.
            “we use sunflower oil and do seasoning in it and in the end, we get the brownish finish. Its not harmful. Its just a natural colour. You can cook right away.”

  53. Hi.. Thanks for all your posts..

    I just wanted to know if the same seasoning procedure can be adopted for my new indolium tawa?

  54. Hi i ordered d Rock dosa tawa but my dosas r sticking. I made 2 n both got stuck 2 d tawa.I did d heating oil step at d starting (not for 5mins but till i saw smoke). Wat cud hav gone wrong,i scraped d stuck dosa with wooden spatula,will it effect d coating of d pan 🙁 n wat shud i do to get gud dosas.Also d tawa has sum golden kind of coating,Donno y its golden.D manufacturer says coz dey season dere tawa with sunflower oil,will it make it golden?Thanks in advance.

    1. Just re-season the tawa. Heat the tawa with oil for 5 minutes and do not use soap for cleaning. Use only a metal spatula. Wooden spatulas dont work. Have a different pan for chapati and dosa. Many of my readers have bought the pan and are using it with excellent results. About the golden colour, can you send me a pic.

      1. Thanks for d reply,can u pls give ur email id,also now d tawa is working quite ok but its getting black in color,is it d way it wud be? I wud send both d pictures wen i bought it new n now after 4-5 uses.Actually dis is my first cast iron cookware so i m really clueless ?

        1. Hi Meenal, the cast iron getting black is perfectly fine. Its even desirable. Its an indication that the patina is slowly developing ( the natural non stick coating). As long as food does not stick, you need not worry!

          1. Its working awesome now,just had 1 more query that should i haven’t yet washed d tawa n just wipe it n use,so shud i wash in just warm water periodically? Sometimes while making podi dosa,sum podi gets stuck to it but i just wipe it,is this ok? Or u recommend washing.Thanks in advance.

          2. Thank u so much ☺ Please do a segment on earthen cookwares too. I got some from Mitticool but cudnt use as the rice just got stuck to the bottom ? I m experimenting with them too as i heard rice tastes awesome if cooked in earthen cookware.Also it is superhealthy if we cook greens in it as it preserves all the nutrients.

  55. Usha Venkatesh

    I live in Coimbatore. Can I buy the rock brand pre seasoned cast iron dosa Tawana directly from the manufacturer? Or can you give a shop name in Coimbatore where it is available? Thanks.

      1. how to get this tawa from coimbatore. I do not mind getting it online. As a matter of facat I prefer online. I need the webpage

  56. I purchased a new cast iron dosa pan n was so disheartened,every dosa I made in it was a disaster it stuck to the pan like glue…I stumbled across ur post n followed every step u mentioned n now it such a delight to make dosas on the pan…can’t thank u enough…Thank u so so very much

  57. Can we use any Iron tava for Dosa?
    I have been using an iron Tava for last few years for roti, it has slight slope at meddle.
    I tried cooking Dosa on it yesterday, it was like disaster for me…not even single dosa came out properly…..I have tried with applying oil, ghee and onion.. nothing helped.. 🙁

    Please advise..

  58. Hi,

    I was little apprehensive to get cast iron cookware. After reading your post, got a cast iron tawa and wok. Followed the exact steps mentioned in the blog and it worked wonders. Thank you so much.

  59. Hi kannada,
    I got a new cast iron Tawa and Kadais from my aunt. She told that she had done the seasoning part with rice Kanji and banana stem and oil.
    But my problem is I am seeing black color when I apply oil and wipe with a tissue to the Kadais.

    Tawa is fine after making 2 dosas. No black color is seen.

    But Kadais is having that black color. Please help me to clean the Kadais.

    Also I saw your post that we should not apply soap after use. If we make curries, how to clean the Kadai.

    1. Please season the kadais using the procedure mentioned above. Initial scrubbing followed by oil seasoning.
      If the kadai is of bad quality, this might happen too!

  60. Hi kannamma, nice and interesting post. I recently bought two cast iron (?!) kadais. But the confusing part is, one is greyish in color and the store guy said it’s called vaarthu irumbu?!(or something like that). The other is heavy and silver in color (magnet doesn’t stick to it). I don’t know how to start using these though i was advised to boil the kadais with arisi kanji before first use. Shouldn’t cast iron utensils be black in color? These utensils are quite heavy and we bought it in parrys chennai.

    1. Hi Nisha,
      I guess the silver one might be indolium. I am not sure. I cant say without seeing it.
      You can season by washing it first and then heating up in oil as described in the post.

  61. Suguna i just cant believe it… followed ur instructions word by word n my 10 year old appam kadai stopped sticking n appams came out so welll.. no hassles at all..just cant believe it …was thinkin of throwing it … thnks a ton suguna… dat really helped a lot… now im so scared n prayin dat my appams nevr get stuck again… each time i pour d batter i just spread a teeny weeny bit of oil wit a tissue paper.. dats all.. but ive heard somewer dat i shud sprinkle water n den pour d ladle of batter..!! Is it true n y is it done ? Should d kadai be smoking hot before pouring the appam battr?

    1. Apply little oil with tissue before each appam and you are good to go.
      Dont heat the kadai to smoking hot. appam will stick.
      No need to sprinkle water.
      Do not wash your appam pan with SOAP. No need to wash cast iron often. The heat will sterilize the pan.
      After using, apply oil and spread with a tissue and store it.
      If you have to wash, wash with warm water.
      Happy cooking!

  62. Where exactly can we get it in Coimbatore ? In amazon they are charging 600 for delivery charges, which is exorbitant.

  63. Binod Pradhan

    Thank you Kannamma,
    My Lodge 6.50 pan is finally behaving well when frying eggs. A 10.5 is on its way and hope to fry fish, chicken in it. Can I cook curries as well in the same pan?
    I don’t know where the email you sent me has disappeared. I checked in Spam, Trash folders but its no where to be found. Please send it once more.
    Thank you

  64. Binod Pradhan

    Hi Kannamma, Thank you for your help. I’ll bake the pan as you say. Hope it works tomorrow. I’m using Fortune Refined Sunflower oil. Hope the oil is alright to bake the pan with.

  65. Binod Pradhan

    Hi Kannamma, I’ve started putting two spoons of oil to fry one egg. Ive fried ten eggs so far but it still gets stuck. Frustrating. As the egg gets stuck, I soak the pan in warm water for about five minutes and then use the Camp Chef plastic scraper to take out most of the stuck egg, but it seems like a very small, thin portion doesn’t go away. I fry another egg with two teaspoons of oil, and it gets stuck, soak, scrap, clean, oil the pan and keep it for the next day. What am I doing wrong? should I scrub the seasoning out with detergent and season it all over again with another oil? (like I’ve read Flaxseed oil is good!)

    1. Hi Binod, Just add 3 tablespoon of oil in a pan and bake it for 1 hour in the oven (350 -380F). After an hour, wipe out the grease with a tissue and allow it to cool.
      Repeat the procedure again. This should definitely help. Do not soak the pan in water and plastic scraper is ok.
      Which pan are you using? Is it Lodge or rock Tawa? Can you send me a picture at [email protected] so I can help further.

  66. Binod Pradhan

    Hi Kannamma, My Lodge 6.5 inch skillet came yesterday. I seasoned it the way they say, by oiling and potting it in an oven upside down at 250(my oven doesn’t go higher) for an hour. was no goo to clean and the egg still sticks. I’m now putting a layer of oil and boiling it for 10 mins as you recommend. should I do it once or 3 times?

    1. In the initial days, use a bit more oil. It will be perfectly seasoned after 10-12 times of use. Do not scrub after using, as the patina (oil coat) you are developing will wear off if you scrub. Gently wash with water and pat dry. Try to heat oil in the pan after every use for a brief minute and then wipe it off until the pan is seasoned. Just have a little patience and you will have the greatest pan in your life!

  67. I love it recipe can u please let me know if this Tawas is good for cooking dosa please “Rock Dosa Tawa PAN 12 In Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet”

  68. Binod Pradhan

    Hi Suguna,
    Your seasoning article was both informative and humorous 🙂 I am planning to buy a deep skillet from Lodge. How do I clean it after cooking a spicy Punjabi non vegetarian dish?

    1. Wash the pan with mild soap and dry with a cloth completely.
      Apply a coat of oil to the pan thoroughly after the pan is dry.
      For making dosa, its always advisable to have a single pan for dosa alone. Do not make chapati or anything else in the dosa pan.

  69. Hi
    I tried this today with my old Tata and dosas were so good…crispy as well.Thanks a ton.

        1. Hi pudugaithendral,
          அருமையான பதிவு. மிகவும் ரசித்து வாசித்தேன்.

  70. Premalatha dhandapani

    Hi Suguna,
    I just newly bought Lodge 10.5 inches cast iron tawa. I cleaned with soap water and Heated it. Put oil then cooled and wiped the oil. After an hr, I tried making Dosa. But dosa sticked. Then cleaned again heated and put little oil. Left over the night. Morning tried dosa again. Same issue. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Can you pls help me in what to do further. thanks in advance!!

    1. You should not wash your cast iron dosa pan with soap. Its abrasive. Just put some oil and heat it (repeat 2 times) and let it rest overnight. In the morning, heat the kadai, use a tissue to wipe off the oil and do dosas. It should come ok. After every use, just wipe it and keep it. You should not wash your pan with soap after every single use. Washing with soap will take off the seasoning!
      If the dosa is sticking in the initial days , mix one egg to 3 cups of dosa batter and make dosas. Do this for a week.
      Do not heat to your pan to smoking hot while making dosas.

  71. Pulled out my iron tawa from loft where it was lying for years..Tried your procedure yesterday.ditto d same way ..and…my first dosa itself came out perfect…so excited…thnx for d tip..It’s going to be dosas only for dinner for another few days 🙂

    1. Hi..I am seeing a brand by name lodge for cast iron utensils in Amazon. But d price range is 3000 to 6000…is it really worth? Has any one tried.

  72. Do we have to do the cold water soak and scrubbing before using it for the first time? Won’t scrubbing with metal spoil its surface? I’m just trying to confirm before i do anything ..thanks:)

  73. Hi Suguna, based on what I read on your blog, I got myself a lodge preseasoned griddle. I cleaned it, applied a bit of oil, and tried my Rava Dosai. Ok, you must have guessed it by now. It’s stuck. Now I am scared to try again. Is that $$$ down the drain? I thought preseasoned griddles do not need any work to be done on it. Not true? HELP!!!

    1. Oh….Rava dosa is a tricky one and I advise you to try normal dosa in new dosa pan for one month till it gets really seasoned. Dont worry. Just add some oil in the pan and heat it for 5-6 minutes. Do this 2-3 times and your pan will be really seasoned again!

  74. Thanks for the excellent information Suguna. I am visiting Kerala (cochin and other places) can you tell me where can i buy a authentic dosa tawa ?

  75. Very helpful. Your tips realy helps. I stopped eating food outside,every thing is made at home

  76. Hi Ms.Suguna,

    Were can i find cast iron kadai for deep frying in online anyidea..If so can you please suggest me.
    Because am in US i have no idea were to get.

  77. Hello Suguna,

    Very nice article.

    Do you know anyone in south india who can make cast iron cookware as per our needs? I would like to have these for my new restaurant..

    Thanks in advance.


  78. I found that Dosa pan should never be used for making bread toast.That really invites trouble the next time you make sodas.

    1. I found that Dosa pan should never be used for making bread toast.That really invites trouble the next time you make dosas

  79. A Satyanarayan

    Hi Akka, I am so pleased having your valuable tips regarding Dosa Pan Cleaning.Moreover I like your sweet talking, such as soulmate. Thanks a lot

  80. if you dont want to spend a fortune on a lodge then best is to ask the dosa guy in your area where he got his tawa

    Indian cos export so you should get one Made in India.

    Chapati or bhakri tawas are made from thinner iron sheet / cast iron so that heat is transferred fast compared to dosa tawas which are much thicker ie 4 to 6mm and give heat till the dosa is spread and can take heat of coal fire for longer period .

  81. The best dosa tawas can be procured at Nal Bazaar in South Mumbai followed by lower parel and dadar

    Allied Metal & Tubes, Khetwadi also keeps skillets

    A thickish flat tawa say at least 4 mm is wonderful for a 1 foot round dosas , have a 3 ring burner gas stove Sunshine makes such large burner stoves .

    Germans normally burn potato peals followed by oiling and slow baking iron skillets and dutch ovens … salt is used to clean skillets .

    Hope it helps

  82. hi mam,
    I tried to make potato chips for my daughter but it went dark. I tried several methods but couldn’t succeed. can u help me with a recipe and tips and tricks ?

    1. Hi,
      I like baked vegetables and breads. I would love to start baking. Could you please suggest a good baking oven. I am not keen on Microwave+Oven but just Oven for baking purpose ONLY.

  83. Very informative piece. Thanks!
    I’ve just bought a ‘beed’ pan for dosa from a local shop in Kolhapur. I din’t know about a proper way of seasoning so I used it twice for making dosas by putting lots of oil on its surface and it stated coming out to be good. But on the same day, I used it to roast a paratha on a full flame. And there was a huge noise and I saw a crack on the pan starting from the periphery till the centre.
    What must have caused that according to you? I mean, does real beed break due to heat like this or am I cheated by the shopkeeper?
    And Should I use the same pan henceforth or just throw it away?

    1. Sorry but Can you tell me What is beed? My only choice right now would be the lodge iron pans that I have stated on the post. Its a little pricey but lasts a lifetime. I do not know what caused the crack. Better buy quality products.

    2. It’s a raw type of cast iron which is brittle and heavy. Sorry I din’t find the English name for it.
      I have a mould to make appe (paddu) in the same material. Haven’t tried my hands on it yet though.

  84. Sunita Pathare

    A maid told me that the best way to season your beed tawa is to immerse it in cow dung for a fortnight and then it is ready to go after scrubbing and cleaning it withsoap water and then heating and putting oil and patting some bhakris and of course this first cooking is not to be consumed. Then you re rinse it and put some oil and it is ready to go. She says thats what was done to her beed tawa and it does not have a trace of rust for the last 25 years plus. Is that true. Can I have your comments.

    1. What if I told all of you there is an Cast Iron Dosa Pan which you can buy which does not need any seasoning and you can start making crispy dosa’s from the first scoop of batter ? you can buy it online soon.

  85. Hi Suguna

    Great recipes! Well written and easy to follow.

    Can I use coconut oil for the seasoning of the pan?

  86. Hi, thanks for the informative post.Is it good to apply oil on lower side also if it is getting rusted for the old pan if it is going under renovation?And also about new pan which is to be seasoned first time.

    1. Sure. It is even advisable to apply on the lower side too once in a while if its getting rusted. New pans may not need them but nothing wrong in applying!

  87. Thanks a lot for this . seasoned 3 tawas yesterday which I had not used since years. The dosas came out perfectly

  88. Sujani Thummala

    Hi suguna,
    I love your thalapakatti biryani recepi, my husband loves it every time I make. Very simple and easy to do, and very very tasty.
    Cheers Suji

  89. Blessy William

    Hi Suguna
    Nice post. I love some of your recipes. Tried
    them too. Awesome. !! ♥♥♥
    So the real reason I came to this article is because I just bought a paniyaram pan ( iron one ) .
    So does the tips which you mentioned for tawas ply for the pan as well. I was craving to eat paniyaram so I bought the pan. But then I remembered that there is a first essential step to follow before use.
    So is it applicable ??


    1. Sure. It will work. But you dont need to scrub or scour the pan. Just heat the pan with oil and let it cool. Repeat the process several times and your pan will be seasoned.

  90. Hello Suguna
    I have the same cast iron lodge pan … I just bought it. My seasoned it by baking in the oven 3 times by oiling. My first two dosas did not stick but then disaster struck and the dosas started catching? Any tips ? Do I make some omelette stop further season?

    1. # If the pan looks dry, then you might need to apply some oil between the dosas. This happens for sometime till its well seasoned. Just dip a tissue in a little oil (about quarter teaspoon) and apply on the whole pan. then do the dosas.
      # Dont keep the flame smoking hot!
      # After doing the dosas, once the pan is cool enough to handle, wash in warm water and dry. Again apply a coat of oil on the pan with the tissue (about 1/4 teaspoon oil). Thats all. Never wash your pan with scrub until really necessary. I hardly wash my pan.
      # Never scrub your pan with scrub pad as it might scrub the seasoned coating also.
      # This should work.
      Mail me if this works!

  91. Hi mam u r doing great job.was hauting for a tava to put omlets daily for my gal ,I don’t like to use non stick as it’s not good for health .so thanks for giving info where to buy .one doubt is it handy means light in weight for daily usage.thanks in advance .keep rocking.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Charu!
      Lodge is a little heavy when compared to Indian non stick pans. But I use it everyday. All iron pans are relatively heavy!
      It will be as heavy as a small 2 liter pressure pan!

  92. Hi Suguna,

    Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for your advice re kadai. I used Lodge dosa griddle as you said by applying the oil instead of water. Dosas are coming out really well. Thanks for your help.


  93. hi Suguna,

    Thanks so much for the information on iron pans… I had given up on mine but my dosas were not coming out good on nonstick griddles… so need to try this out!!!

    But I had one more question about making dosas… do you put oil on the pan before putting the dosa batter and spreading it out? If I do that the batter doesnt stick to the pan and clumps up, which obviously makes terrible dosas…

    Please advise!



    1. Hi mansi, i dont put oil before putting dosa. If the dosa will slightly stick (which will happen after 10-15 dosas) , that is the only time I take a drop of oil and spread it on the pan using a tissue. Then I would ladle the batter on the dosa. After ladling the dosa pan, I will put few drops of oil onto the dosa before flipping. Hope this helps.

  94. Thanks Suguna for your advice.

    Have you bought any other pan in Lodge? If you have, would you please advise which one is really good. Especially like Kadai for deep frying? I hope I am not bothering you too much.


    1. Hi Neela, Glad to be of help. Hope your dosa pan is fine and you are enjoying it. I have one 9 inch skillet from lodge. I don’t use iron skillet for deep frying. A good heavy bottom stainless steel pan is what I prefer for frying.

  95. Hi Suguna,

    Finally I bought a Lodge cast iron griddle! 🙂 I would like to check with you about making dosa in the new griddle. Do I need to apply oil on the griddle between making each dosa? Usually, I will sprinkle water in the normal dosa pan ( like the one you got it from your grandma) between dosas and it will come out really well. But when I do the same procedure, dosa is sticking on to Lodge griddle. So I am not sure whether I need to use oil for this griddle instead of water. Please advise.

    Also after every use, I will wash with the cold water as you said but put some oil and leave it until next use. Is that ok or do I need to leave it dry without applying any oil?


    1. Yes Neela. You need to apply little oil for some months until the iron pan gets really seasoned. Do not wash with soap after every use. As you said, wash with cold water, apply some oil and you are good to go. Do not add water after each dosa. it might take off the residue oil sticking from the pan.

  96. Hi Suguna ,

    Thanks for the tips.I have a brand new iron pan for India which is not seasoned

    How to season it for intial use

  97. How to I start using a brand new lodge cast iron. As in simple soap n warm water washing is fine or putting oil on pan n heating is also required for a brand new pan?

    1. Put a teaspoon or two of oil and spread all over the dosa pan. Heat for 2-3 minutes and wipe off with a paper napkin. You are all set after this. Let me know if you like the dosas!

  98. Hi Suguna,

    Thanks for your reply. I will let you know once I get a new griddle and how I go with that. I hope there won’t be a problem since it is a pre-seasoned. I can’t wait to get the new one! 🙂

    Have a nice day.


  99. Hi Suguna,

    Thanks for your prompt reply. I ordered the Lodge Cast Iron Griddle online as per your recommendation and I will get it in two weeks. Do I have to do Hot oil soak only since it is a new griddle? Or do I have to do cold water soak as well? Please advise.


    1. Hi Neela, You can just apply some oil (very little) and heat it for 2 minutes. Let it cool. Then start doing dosa as all lodge cast iron pans come pre-seasoned. Congrats on your new dosa pan purchase. Let me know if the dosa pan works. Dont be hesitated to ask anything. Glad to be of help:)

  100. Hi,

    You mentioned in Hot oil soak that apply oil generously and heat the pan for 10 minutes and switch off the stove and rest the pan for an hour and clean the oil with a paper napkin. Do I have to clean the oil when the pan is hot or after the pan becomes cool? Please advise.


    1. You need to clean after the pan becomes cool. It will be sticky. If its hard to clean, heat the pan for 30 seconds so it will be easy to remove excess oil.

  101. Hi…iam a north indian but a fan of south indian cuisine,,have bought lodge griddle for the sole purpose of making dosas..but having spent around 3000 buckson the griddle,,i was disappointed when my dosa totally got stuck..despite the griddle being preseasoned.are there any suggestions to make it work??

    1. Hi Priyanka. I am really sorry that the dosas are getting stuck. Lodge is an excellent quality cast iron pan. You should not wash and scrub with soap every time. The seasoning will go. Just a rinse in cold water after you make your dosas, wipe it and store till next use. The main culprit is washing the pan like other pans. Don’t worry, you can always season it again. Just do the HOT OIL SOAK only as mentioned above in the post and the dosas should come good. If you have any problem, don’t hesitate to ask here. Hope you have good dosas.

  102. Suguna akka plz share with me about from where can we purchase seasoned pure cast iron cookware just like lodge in bangalore/mysore. I have 10 varieties of lodge cast iron cookware but need a small kadhai (wok) for small jobs & traditional dosaikal for neer dosa. Lodge produces only one particular size of 14″ which is way too big for 2people or small jobs. Your guidance would be of kind help. Thanks in advance.


    what is lodge cast iron called in Tamil please write in English as we cannot read Tamil.

    1. Lodge cast iron – லாட்ஜ் வார்ப்பு இரும்பு. Lodge is an American company making iron pans for a long time.

  104. Here is the picture of seasoned pan which is very sticky to the hands

    is it because i applied too much oil?

    1. Hi Siddhesh, Heat the pan a little and remove the oil with a napkin. May be u used a lot of oil. But no worries. Just heat a little so u can remove it with a paper napkin.

  105. Hey..
    I just followed your blog for seasoning a new cast iron tava. After hot oil soak for the third time the surface has become so much sticky. Is there anything wrong with my Pan? Did i apply too much oil while seasoning it?

  106. hi,

    thank you for the nice tips….i tried your method to season my iron griddle…it worked!!thank you.


  107. Hi, I have just bought a Lodge cast iron griddle. The website says its pre-seasoned , but the dosa still sticks. The surface has a grain(ish) finish rather than smooth. Have I bought the wrong one?! ..or does it need more seasoning? … can you please help ?

  108. Thanks Suguna for this awesome remedy for seasoning. Just want to check with you what is the process for seasoning an iron kadai.


  109. Sugu,

    We got a new cast iron dosa pan my hubby followed your blog to season it and it worked wonders, he wanted to thank you for your post…..So thank you!!!!


  110. Gr8! glad to kno tht… lodge pans r 4-5mm thick. I hav heard tht for dosa we need 10mm (1cm) thickness… plz advocate. Also im curious to kno difference between the cooking results in a plain iron v/s cast iron… & wch givs mor tastier results. Thanks a lot!

  111. tanuja srinivasan

    ohh suguna akka… exactly.. i thought so tht its a vintage one. N also i had seen the same kind in srirangam temple shop itself. Actually it was 12″diameter and 1cm thick… so i was in doubt whether gud for home cooking n fuel saving. Between he was charging rs.2500. may i kno the thickness of ur pan. I really love iron for cooking & i have a range of lodge cookware. Now im fan of u n ur blog. plz keep posting more on delicious recipies more in iron cookwares.

  112. suguna akka im glad to kno tht there is one more lodge cast iron fan in blore. Also im interested to know frm whr did u get tht plain iron pan wid single short handle u used in this particular post. Thanks in advance… cheers!

    1. Hi Tanuja thanganchi, Thanks for stopping by. The plain iron pan is my grand mothers and nearly 100 years old. I have that pan in her remembrance. Those days they got those pans in Trichy, Srirangam. You might find some good ones there even today.

  113. suguna akka im glad to kno tht there is one more lodge cast iron fan in blore. Also im interested to know frm whr did u get tht plain iron pan wid single short handle u used in in this blog. Thanks in advance… cheers!

    1. Hi Tanuja thanganchi, Thanks for stopping by. The plain iron pan is my grand mothers and nearly 100 years old. I have that pan in her remembrance. Those days they got those pans in Trichy, Srirangam. You might find some good ones there even today.

  114. Hi.i bought dosa its look like silver color polished.first i soaked in salt water.aftr i washed its brown color.i made dosa.its coming gud bt tat brown color nt going.again i followed ur still its brown.wat i ll me.

    1. Hi Poornima, from what you tell your dosa pan is not cast iron but made of Hindalium metal. Its an alloy. The brown color you notice might be due to oxidisation. The brown color might go with regular usage. Don’t get alarmed about the color. Hope this helps.

      1. Thanks continuing tat oil soak procedure.its getting black am heating all sides n scrubbing.i don knw wat type of metal.i bought frm chennai.nw am in don knw wat to do.

    2. Try using a magnet on it … if it sticks then it is a sheet metal tawa with an anti rust paint … some dealers use it to prevent rust ie brown coating u see

  115. Super post yet again, Suguna..

    Small doubt. Does the same procedure work for a new cast iron skillet as well? I bought mine yesterday and am wondering how to season. My oven is not big enough to bake the pan, which was recommended by Google. 🙁

    1. Thanks Tara. Your new cast iron pan also can be seasoned the same way! keep doing the hot oil soak part until u see a uniform black surface on the pan. For any reason the pan goes out of season in the first 2 months, it might be because of over heating the pan. just apply some oil. heat it a little and leave it over-nite. It should come to season once again. Hope this helps.

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