Buy Right, Eat Right, Feel Right – Impact of Retail and Diet on Mental Health

It may throw you off, but retail, diet, and mental health are all connected. This is a cycle that manifests in fascinating ways. Psychologists believe that there is a start correlation between the three activities. Money management and dietary practices go hand-in-hand, and how the two make us feel, directly constitutes our overall mental health.

It is important to stay in touch with mental health and its aspects and there is a lot one can learn through online journals research and surveys. Two imperative elements for this kind of self-study are willful concentration and a steady internet connection. 

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Psychological Effect of Retail Therapy

It is no surprise that humans love retail therapy. The adrenaline rush they get from splurging on their favorite branded items is priceless and unique. One major advantage of retail therapy is the way it helps you fight off sad emotions. 

A paper published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology in 2014 stated that shopping helps alleviate feelings of helplessness and sadness and restores a sense of control. In another survey, it was found that sad people spent 30% more money buying a certain product, as compared to ones in a neutral mood. 

While sadness is one cause of splurging, other factors in the environment cause the feeling of helplessness and lack of self-control. Another study shows that consumers buy and spend significantly more when they are in a crowded store, as opposed to an un-crowded store. Furthermore, cluttered store shelves subconsciously push you to hoard things.

Experts believe about 40% of people are more likely to spend extra money when the shopping experience is personalized. This data answers lots of questions, especially the one about spending more on branded items. 

Owning branded products has become a status symbol and people are willing to go to any length to achieve it. They do not hesitate to overspend on branded shoes, bags, clothes, and similar items because it associates them with a certain class and makes them look presentable in society. 

Impact of Splurging on Dietary Choices

Although splurging on luxuries is acceptable the major drawback of this ritual is the people’s negligence towards their health and food choices. Where they are willing to spend huge amounts to own a branded item, they do not bother to invest in their health. 

Numerous surveys have been conducted to address this issue and many underlying reasons have been discovered that cause this problem. For instance, people’s taste buds are accustomed to a certain type of food. So a change in diet, no matter how healthy it is, will not feel very pleasant. 

Everything takes time and so do the taste buds to re-adjust to the new diet, but not many people have that kind of time and patience, so they continue with poor food choices. Another reason is that people rely on convenience, and they drop the idea if it is not convenient. 

Once people have to picture all the convenient and tasty food options they would have to give up makes them reluctant to adopt healthy food choices. The drawback to the modern lifestyle is that people never have enough time, not even for self-maintenance. Paying attention to your diet, adopting healthy food choices, and looking up premium quality food sources requires time that most people lack. 

What goes inside our body does not show its results instantly like wearing a good dress or carrying an infamous brand’s bag does. Hence, people are not willing to put in the same effort in planning their grocery lists and eating plans. 

They take up the easy options available, no matter the damage it will cause in the long term. No wonder fast food has gained such popularity in a very short time because it is easily available, delicious, and pocket-friendly. Eating salad or fruits and including all food groups in your diet is a hassle. 

Furthermore, the pandemic, in a way, has helped people mend their ways of life. When people were restricted to their homes and had ample time to contemplate their food choices, they realized what they were doing to their bodies. 

Closure to fast-food restaurants also aided this thought. However, the overall result was people getting conscious about their food intake and adopting a healthy diet. Now we see more and more people trying to plan their meals healthily.

Newfound Accessibility to Fresh Produce

People’s changing needs and demands gave rise to the inception of new businesses that took up the task of delivering fresh fruits and vegetables to people’s doorstep. While it provided some people with a job opportunity, it also helped many to meet their needs without stepping out. 

Today, countless online services procure fresh and organic vegetables and fruits from farmers and deliver them directly to consumers’ homes. These commodities are fresh and organic, giving immense benefits to the consumers. 


We have all heard about treating your body like a temple, but few of us act on it. The important thing to consider is that the correct choices will not always be easy to come by. We will have to make a conscious effort to make healthier choices when it comes to retail and diet. 

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