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Most of the Indian grocery stores in Hong Kong do home delivery. The turn around time is usually 1-2 days from the time of order. Here is a list of grocery stores that I like. I ordered from a lot of Indian stores in the past couple of months. Some were really good and some were OK. The really good ones are here.


Maharaja’s Indian Emporium
205, 2nd Floor, Haiphong Mansions, 99-101, Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Tel: 2756-5611, 2366-2941
Its not a big store but well stocked with ingredients one will need in an Indian pantry. Its the best store for South Indian ingredients. They have a lot of variety when it comes to south Indian masalas.  Its a good store to stock up on spices and dal.
Home Delivery – YES ( Mostly an old “uncle”, Mr. Arif picks up the call to take orders. He is adorable! If you talk Tamil, you will place orders from this store for the sheer joy of talking with him.) The orders are usually delivered the next day. Fruits and Vegetables comes fresh on Wednesdays to the store.

Regency Spices
5th Floor Qualipak Tower, 122 Connaught Road West, Sai Ying Pun, Tel: 2517-6577, 2517-2316
This store is your one stop shop for all your spice needs. Their spices are very fresh and come in neatly packed bottles. I recommend this store for spices. They even grind the spices to order. Their turmeric is the most aromatic.

Spice Store
Tel – 2944-2336
This is an online grocery store. I have ordered from them multiple times and find their packaging to be so neat and their lentils were particularly amazing. I strongly recommend if you are into online ordering!
Shipping is free if you order more than $300. For orders below HKD 300, they charge a nominal delivery fee of HKD 30.


Kiran’s Provision Store
Shop 52, 1/F, Mirador Mansion, 58 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Tel: 2723-6781
Kiran is a very reliable Indian store. You can also do online ordering and pay by cash on delivery or transfer to bank account. They usually deliver the next day after ordering. They also undertake catering and have fresh indian snacks and sweets for pickup. A great store.

The Indian Provision Store
24 Bowrington Road, Causeway Bay, Tel – 2891-8324
This is a well stocked up store located in the Hong Kong Island. Its in Causeway Bay.

Star Trading
Shop No.16, G/F, Peninsula Apartment, 16 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui,/ Shop 18, 1st Floor, Abba Shoping Mall, Aberdeen Tel :2366 6534.
You can order online with them and they usually deliver the next day. They have a wide range of products.

Spice Box Organics
72 Third Street, G/F Shop K, Fook Moon Building, Sai Ying Pun, Tel: 2568 2728
If you are looking for organic indian ingredients, then spice box organics is your best option.

21 thoughts on “Indian Grocery Stores Hong Kong, Indian Grocery in Hong Kong”

  1. After reading this, I feel it to be quite informative. You have my gratitude for devoting the considerable time and effort to putting together this helpful article. Once again, I find myself spending far too much time reading and commenting. But, hey, it was fun!

  2. Localitree is the best online supermarket dealing in Indian veggies, fruits and grocery that provides door step delivery.

  3. I met this guy during Chinese New Year I think his name is raju he sits shikha tradings mirador first floor … I loved his gesture and he even gave liasee to my kids … plus he got full range of products plus fresh and cheapest in town …

  4. Geoffrey Watson

    We are new to Hong Kong, and have recently found “Shop Easy” – a below-street level store in Carnarvon Road TST (just off the Nathan St junction). Just a sign and you pop down the stairs.

    It is as good as any that we knew in Brisbane.

  5. So happy to have landed to your blog while I was storming the internet for Indian stores in Hong Kong! Being a South Indian, I can totally not do without spices and this post is going to help me the most 🙂

  6. Hi,
    Am new to HK and discovered your blog by chance. Thank you for all the useful information provided regarding the various Indian stores in HK…. It’s such a relief for a new Indian in this city to be able to find some familiar items. I wanted to check with you regarding the best place to order Indian veggies please. Maharaja’s website doesn’t say much and I have tried one more store which had a very limited options.

    Any help on this would be much appreciated.

    Many thanks

    1. For general veggies and fruits, wet markets are the most fresh and cheapest. Kiran stores and star mart have online veggies. You will have limited options though.

  7. Need help on groceries stores in Dalian. Can you please let me know if any stores are there in Dalian. Or will any store delivery to Dalian my addresse.

  8. There are a few stores in CHungking Mansion,TST as well. They dont home deliver is it? We were in HK a couple of weeks back, and saw these indian stores when we went to chungking for breakfast 😀

    1. There are a lot of stores in TST. The ones mentioned are the ones that I really like.
      I have based my recommendations on
      #timely delivery
      #product quality and consistency.
      I have ordered from stores where there were issues with billing, poor quality products etc..
      They dint make it to the list.

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