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  1. Madhu says

    Fantastic receipe. My husband is a big fan of mutton. I tried it today and it came out so well. We throughly enjoyed it. Thanks a lot!!

  2. Zohara says

    loving this recipe. making it second time in this week itself.. my son is recovering from severe fever and i was searching for a perfect nenju yelmbu soup recipe and i m glad i found this. and i have tried your aatukaal paya also. as you said it took a long time but in the end i found it worth since “semmaiyaa irunthuchu”

  3. Ester William Gomes says

    Semma semma….the way u explained my mouth start watering.thank u very much.my huby work out of station, next week he is coming back.just was thinking wat to cook for him, I saw it this nenju elumbu soup recipe.its awesome……thank u once again.romba romba nandri.Ester from Mumbai.

  4. Manoj Subramaniam says

    Tropical country la soup starter ah epdi ka sapdrathu?
    Saptu mudichutu thaan rasam maari kudikanum. Anyways thanks for the recipe. Will try soon!