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  1. Prashant Singh says

    Tried making stew for the first time using your recipe, except for the Indian shallot tampering and corn starch for thickening .. did follow everything else and am loving the taste… thank you 🙂

  2. Sangeeta says

    Hi Suguna,

    I have always loved stew and it brings back warm memories of eating it with mom during my childhood. I followed your recipe to the tee and it was amazing. Thank you for sharing it.

    Loved it!

  3. Ruksana says

    The first mutton recipe I ever cooked, happens to be this- thank you so much!! I tweaked it a little bit, for instance – turmeric! (I cannot imagine a white colored mutton stew, it will forever have to be the pale beautiful yellow). It was oh-so delicious, and my dad loved it as well. I skipped the tempering because humans at my home has health issues and more fat is probably a bad idea. It was still yummmm without the tempering. Thanks again, for this lovely lovely recipe. (I will definitely come back to this)

  4. Kriti Nanda says

    Hi… I need to make mutton stew for a cousin who has food restrictions due to health issues. From this recipe if I skip pepper, potato and tomatoes, will it be OK?
    He cannot have tomato, carbs, veggies and chillies

  5. Ranjay Singh says

    as i have seen this new recipe mutton through you. i will try this in my home this weekend.. i want more south Indian dishes as a food lover i want to taste the real non veg food cuisine from south if you have some list of that please email to me in below email id.. ty

    after this weekend i will tell how much i have got success to replicate this dish.

  6. Roger says

    Tried this recipe tonight with a small tweak here and there re: the ginger a little less and using coconut milk was a great inclusion.

  7. Zandra says

    Love Kerala Mutton Stew and was very happy to learn the authentic way of making the Stew. Will cherish the recepie. Thanks for sharing.