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  1. Kriti Nanda says

    Hi… I need to make mutton stew for a cousin who has food restrictions due to health issues. From this recipe if I skip pepper, potato and tomatoes, will it be OK?
    He cannot have tomato, carbs, veggies and chillies

  2. Ranjay Singh says

    as i have seen this new recipe mutton through you. i will try this in my home this weekend.. i want more south Indian dishes as a food lover i want to taste the real non veg food cuisine from south if you have some list of that please email to me in below email id.. ty

    after this weekend i will tell how much i have got success to replicate this dish.

  3. Roger says

    Tried this recipe tonight with a small tweak here and there re: the ginger a little less and using coconut milk was a great inclusion.

  4. Zandra says

    Love Kerala Mutton Stew and was very happy to learn the authentic way of making the Stew. Will cherish the recepie. Thanks for sharing.