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poondu-kadalai-milagai-podi (3)

Poondu Kadalai Milagai Podi – Chutney Podi

Recipe for Poondu Kadalai Milagai Podi, a flavorful spice powder that perfectly complements rice and idlis. If you’re a fan of garlic-infused podis, this recipe ...
Kongunadu Pasi Payaru kadayal & Rasam (4)

Pasi Payaru Kadayal And Pasi Payaru Rasam

Recipe for Pasi Payaru Kadayal And Pasi Payaru Rasam made with Whole moong. A very traditional Kongunadu-style recipe. This Kongunadu style Pasi Payaru Kadayal & ...

Cauliflower Urulai Kuzhambu

Recipe for traditional Kongunadu style cauliflower kuzhambu served for breakfast with idli and dosai. Recipe with detailed video. Even if you are pudhu maapilai (new ...

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