We have been incredibly lucky in our journey to have been featured in prominent media. Thank you all for your encouragement.

Indian Express Dated 28 November 2015

Indian express kannamma cooks

Kumudam Tamil Magazine May, 2016


Mother Earth Living
Mother Earth Living Magazine, USA – August 2016


Femina September 2016


Aval Kitchen September 2017


Kumudam Snegiti November 2017


Kovai Metro June 2019

Thank you all for your encouragement. It means a lot to me.

16 thoughts on “Press & Media”

  1. Dear Suguna your blog is a true treasure chest full of wonderful recipes which takes me back to my childhood memories in Pondicherry, Thank for sharing all your recipes and tips with so much warmth and generosity. Wish you the very best. Warm wishes from Paris (France)

  2. What an amazing find! Thank you so much. All the recipes I tried have come out perfect. I hope you will release cook books some day.

  3. Hi. .I Am a new visitor to your blog. very awesome recipes are there.
    I’ve a passion for cooking. And started noting recipes in my blog. Shall we earn from the blog?…
    Thank you

  4. Hey Suguna! Passion and love is what I can see in your blog! Would be great to work with you in the UK , with our organisation UKTSU

  5. Amazing write up on you.. i must really thank you that every recipe of yours is authentic and easy to understand and follow. Plus the tips u offer is amazing.. please share more recipes…

  6. Hai Suguna,
    I really liked the blog.It is really informative.Would appreciate you for writing sutle things that has to be taken care of while cooking.Add more recipes to the blog.WIshing you a great success.

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