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  1. As others have mentioned the older version was very user friendly to save in favourites & to search for the needed recipes.This one is complicated & no option for favourites.It would be of great convenience if u at least bring in the favourites option.

  2. I am such a fan of your recipes, the stories with the recipe and app and overall user friendliness. The old app UI was very easy. I could search the ingredient in menu bar (and dont have to go to search to look for ingredients). I could favorite my regular recipes and could directly go to that. Now favorite option is not working. Everytime i am reading a recipe in one particular ingredient, if i click the back button, it doesn’t go back to that ingredient. It goes back to the home page. Again click search button, search for the ingredient AGAIN and search for the Recipe AGAIN! I wanted to compare two paneer recipes and everytime i have start from home page.
    Your previous version was awesome. Your used be my first go to because of the easiness of taking the recipe from the favorite and search by ingredient (right in the MENU option).
    Also category, now sambar comes under “indian dish” or “breakfast” or what? So much complicated thinking i have to put on a busy morning? I might as well put the dish name in google and find know?
    The simplicity and easyness was the best thing about your app. Please don’t keep this complicated. It’s actually frustrating when you are in the real mood for cooking. Its a request from a big fan.

  3. It’s such a pain to browse through your webpage to find a recipe.Wish we had so much time in hand.It would be helpful for busy moms& dads to have the ingredient/specific vegetable search button that you had once.As mobiles and iPads are the most common gadgets we all use for quick reference it would be great if you make your webpage outlook simple and user friendly.

      1. Hi, the website really needs a search option. Let me tell you why. I want soup recipes right now and I can’t search it that way easily because the website only offers an option to look with ingredients!

      2. Hi,

        Could you please post a recipe on Brahmi leaves. We drink hot water with those leaves twice a week to avoid chest congestion.

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