SSP Asafoetida – SS Pandian Perungayam – Product Review

Asafoetida, perungayam (பெருங்காயம்), hing – is the most common spice found in every Indian Kitchen. The spice is extracted from the rhizome of the Ferula plant. Its a dried gum resin.  I received SS pandian Asafoetida for product review. SSP has three types of asafoetida for home use. The regular powder, granules and the newly introduced ultra powder. To know more about their products visit their website .

Non-Indians find the smell of asafoetida very strong and compare it with the smell of dung. In-fact its called as Teufelsdreck in German which just means devils dung 🙂 . Famed Indian cookbook author Madhur Jaffrey mentions asafoetida as the Indian truffle. Truffle or not, it has a precious place in the Indian kitchen.

SSP regular asafoetida powder

The first thing that hits you when you see SSP products are that its expensive. Its expensive when compared with other brands available in the market. SSP asafoetida is very strong and the aroma that wafts your kitchen when you unpack the box is testimony to the same. Its very potent and a pinch of SSP is all you need to add. The smell is so concentrated and you will sure notice the same when you add it to hot oil.

SSP Ultra Powder
This is a newly introduced variant that’s a very fine powder.

I added a pinch while making tadka for my chutney and the result was really good. A little goes a long way and its so true with SSP asafoetida.

SSP Crystal Asafoetida / Granules

I think that this must be their signature product. I still remember breaking the asafoetida block using hammer or a mortar-pestle in the olden days as it will be so solid like a brick. SSP crystal asafoetida is a relief that it comes in an already granular form. Granules are generally used for curries / kuzhambus that has a tamarind base. It adds a nice depth to the curries. Try my Puliyodharai recipe using SSP asafoetida.
The packaging of the asafoetida powder.
The powder comes packed and you need to unpack the powder and add it to the box. But honestly, its a little troublesome. A little powder spills when you cut the pack and one needs to make sure that the pack is facing directly over the box so the spill goes into the box. You do not want to waste the precious perungayam even if its very little. Its not a great trouble but I feel that the unpacking of the powder into the box makes it little messy.

I am sure you will be convinced to give their products a try. Even though this is a sponsored post, I really recommend trying their products as they are very good.
Are you interested in SSP products? Here is the link from where you may buy them. Do try the products and write to me here in the comments section as to how you like it. Would love to hear from you!
SSP Powder Asafoetida
SSP Crystal Asafoetida (Granules)
SSP Ultra Powder Asafoetida

5 thoughts on “SSP Asafoetida – SS Pandian Perungayam – Product Review”

  1. I saw in som videos like liquid type & some videos I saw little kind of like little gray
    hing I didn’t understand about hing some people wrote hall hing ( milk hing ) please let me understand about hing what brand is good for cooking ?

  2. Bought a blue 10gm SSP asafoetida special today and noticed some oil like liquid inside the pack. Is it normal? Does it indicate any quality issue?

  3. I have been using LG for years. Will try this next time. Which one of the three will you recommend?

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