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  1. Anjali Vivek says

    Hello Kannamma! Thanks so much for your easy & well-explained recipes.

    This time I have tried 2 recipes back to back – Vendhaya dosa with carrot chutney. (my comment on the chutney will be under comments section for carrot chutney)
    I must say that it came out very well. My hubby & I enjoyed every bite.
    We finished the entire batter (around 13 dosas) at one stretch for brunch.
    Unlike regular dosas, Vendhaya dosas were so light and fluffy.
    Except that this time I didnt have raw rice at home, I used idly rice as a replacement (thank you for replying on instagram).
    The result was a VERY SOFT dosa. So soft that it clumped together, I had to mix some rice flour. Next time I shall use raw rice itself.

    Thanks so much! I’ve shared this with my mum too.

    I wish you a bright future!