Kongunadu Recipes

Kollu Saaru and Kollu Sundal Recipe

Kollu Saaru And Kollu Sundal Recipe | Horsegram Rasam And Horsegram Stir-Fry Recipe

Here is a two-in-one recipe featuring horsegram, also known as kollu. Horsegram holds significant agricultural and cultural importance in the Kongu region. It is renowned ...

Chicken Kuzhambu And Chicken Roast – Two In One Recipe

Recipe for Kongu style Chicken Kuzhambu And Chicken Roast – Two In One Recipe. Country side chicken curry and chicken roast made with the curry ...

Kongunadu Paruppu Kuzhambu – Tamil Style Dal Curry

This delicious Kongunadu Paruppu Kuzhambu recipe is a flavorful and comforting dish. Made with toor dal and spices, it’s a perfect accompaniment to hot rice. ...

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