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  1. Hello Suguna Akka (hope you don’t mind calling you akka 🙂

    I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your cooking passion and amazing collection of recipe’s. I am really amazed how so clearly you explain each of the recipe. I love to cook and your recipe’s never fail to impress my wife and 9 year old daughter, ever since i made Ambur biryani using your recipe, my daughter only asks for this biryani (red biryani in her language).

    If you ever visit Detroit, please drop a line, would love to host your family.

    Thanks again, keep sharing…

    Best regards,

  2. So you moved from Banking to Baking and missed a ‘N’ there and you got that ‘N’ back as Veda’n’t !!

  3. Ashwini Anand

    Hello Suguna,

    Big fan of your cooking! I just tried your recipe of Thalapakatti Mutton Biriyani and it came out so good. The smell was so amazing. I have been looking for a good recipe for Thalapakkati style and I’m so glad I found yours! Thank you so much!


  4. Hi, I lived for 12 years and 10 months not far from you…in Pondicherry and I was sponsoring 7 girls in a village, Mathagondapalli, 60km from Bangalore…Here is a nice shortbread recipe which can, of course, be adapted to the tastes and desires of the moment.Katy, my Indian companion, has made them with candy sugar chips, chocolate chips, different candied fruits (orange is a treat), with jaggery instead of sugar and pecan and cashew nuts, or even with Sukku malli…a mixture of dry ginger, coriander seeds, peppercorns and some other spices. These biscuits taken with a good old pure malt, such as Glenmorangie or Glenfiddich…heaven is not far away!!! Thank you for these lovely recipes. Jai Hind!

  5. Your awesome topic is yours. I like these topics very much. I would like to have such topics daily, this post is really good for you. There are people like you in the world who put their views in front of everyone. Thank you from the heart.

  6. I go to many corners of the world in search of delicious food but i loved that food until i saw your post i saw your post and i tasted the food you made i want to say that my best experience hai now i can taste better your post now i don’t need to go around for taste.

  7. Hi Ms.Suguna Vinod, thanks for hosting this portal & more importantly bringing the tastes of the Kongu region & their recipes. Reminds me of most things I had while growing up & this is my first stop whenever I feel like tasting something from those times.

    I have been referring to your site for last couple years – lookup & get started with the prep; but today felt like sharing a comment thanking you for what you do.

    Thanks for keeping this updated & truly this is a treasure trove!!!!


    1. Hello Suguna I tried and still trying most of your recipes. It’s simple, easy and very tasty.
      Cooking is my hobby. Now I am retired and wants to try out various recipes you are my favorite chef.
      Suguna I wanted to buy a oven and a mixey jar. Please advise which brand is good specialy oven. The ideal size for home use.
      Thanks with best wishes ❤
      Daisy Joel.

  8. I am a big fan of yours
    My son recently purchased an expensive knife ( Made in), my grandmother also gave him her knives……was wondering about the sharpening???
    He asked in forums, most recommended that he should do it himself on a wedgestone.
    Would you pls give some advice??

  9. Namaskaram Mrs Vinodh

    Hope you and family keeping well and safe.

    I am following your post for last 7 years on/off whenever I want to try and cook something different cuisine, dishes are exotic and directions for cooking is spot on.

    Much Appreciated your dedication and passion, keep up your good work.

    Looking forward to more new receipes and tips !

    Thanks :=)

  10. Thank you for sharing the recipes, I grew up in Coimbatore, Pollachi and surroundings. All your recipes are nostalgia for me. I ardently follow your step by step instructions and everything on your recipes. These days I google for the food item and add Kanamma cooks in the search bar so that I make sure I find something in yours before searching other places. I always find what I look for though (nativity and stick to basics I guess). I even look for the items that I already cook because definitely your recipe makes it tastier and more authentic. I am happy that I bumped in to your site.

      1. Hi Suguna, thanks so much for your post you really demystified chapati flour for me. I have the opposite problem. I live in europe and my chapatis are too dry because of the flour. Instead to going to an Indian shop which is not in the vicinity I thought i would try to mix a mixture which would work. I knew that the problem was the flour and thought spelt was the answer. You article just cleared that up for me. Its Emmer flour. Very interesting. I’m also on the diabetic spectrum so this is very helpful. Im not just a foodie but am very interested about the science behind it. So a big Thank you.

    1. Hi! Just want to say that I just stumbled across your website and thoroughly appreciate your recipes. I’m an Indian-American living in the US, and I sorely miss your style of cooking. It’s hard to find South Indian recipes like yours for inspiration, and thank you for publishing your work. I look forward to making several of your dishes!

  11. After heard from my Friend, i started looking at your website and hit every dish one by one..

    i love cooking but frankly speaking since my childwood i never went inside kitchen when my mom cooking but i love tasting different dishes, after a´my school life mostly i stayed outside, so it is started, Bachelor life in Europe made more passion towards cooking, i dont watch cooking videos rather only check ingredients and process for cooking. i believe the right ingredients with right process always gives a same and good result.

    after marriage still have fun time weekly or any special day.

    Thank you

  12. Jayaprakash A

    Dear Kannamma Madam,

    I found chapathi recipe on your website. But I couldn’t find poori recipe. Kindly send me link for the same.

    Thanks and Regards,

  13. Hello Suguna

    Thanks for sharing these fantastic recipes. And beautifully presented as well . I am particular fan of your Kongunad recipes… Authentic is a word that is bandied about quite often nowadays… but your recipes are authentic as they can get. Thanks again.