Best Casino Restaurants and What’s Special about It

The casino environment has always had a lot to offer. From Jackpots to nightclubs, from land-based casinos to the online casino reviews on, the fanfare is always massive. Even with all these, casinos can still offer more, and that is food! Interestingly, casinos worldwide now attract the best culinary talents. Speaking of the world’s best chefs, you find them in these gambling spots. Whether you are gambling in the oldest casinos of Spain or Las Vegas, the home of gambling, you can always have excellent meals to celebrate your big wins.
The following are some of the prominent spots where you can enjoy gambling and the best meals at the same time. We have also included some reasons why they are unique.
1. Restaurant Guy Savoy
Located in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, the Restaurant Guy Savoy is one of the best places to gamble and enjoy excellent meals. The recreation spot stands at a location where you can see Vegas’ version of the Eiffel Tower. Here at Guy Savoy, it’s a mix of class, luxury and gambling like never before. It is the only place in the world outside Paris where you can enjoy chefs’ signatures. On the menu, you would see the best like black truffle soup and the artichoke. To cap it all, the restaurant has two Michelin stars. There is also a lounge where you can buy the best and most expensive Cognacs from France and Italy. So, whenever you are in the city of light, try out this restaurant, you are definitely in for a treat!
2. Bobby Flay Steak
When it comes to gambling, two things are essential for victory. That is extended gameplay and consistency. In most cases, these two are what distinguishes an ordinary rookie from the experienced and veteran types. The Bobby Flay Steak located in Borgata, Atlanta offers punters both. Do not get things twisted; this is not your regular steakhouse. Of a fact, the restaurant is one of many that has endured a long while.
When you eat here, expect to see some of Flay’s signature bells and whistles. You will be treated to the best dishes like the Southwest Ribeye, the lobster bar and many other seafood dishes. If you don’t mind, you can also grab some creamy chile rice and many more.
3. Le Tren Bleu
This beauty is just out in front of one the world’s oldest casinos, Place du Casino in Monte Carlo, Monaco. The décor alone at the restaurant makes you see just how old the casino is. Even with the French name, you will be shocked to see that the restaurant is Haute Italian on the inside. After you have enjoyed nice rounds at the casino, proceed to treat your taste buds to the best meals like the Veal Saltimbocca. You can combine that with buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes or with eggplant risotto.
Both the casino and restaurant attract the best players in the world. That is because of the sentimental attraction of vintage attached to the place. So, do not be surprised if you meet someone famous while you game.
4. Rockpool Bar & Grill
You will find this elegant facsimile in the largest casinos, Crown Casino in Melbourne Australia. The casino is one of the many subsidiaries of Neil Perry’s massive Original in Sydney. To create an even more dramatic scene, the casino has an open kitchen.
Its main attraction is the in-house dry-aged beef. At the same time, the seafood offerings would leave your taste buds thanking you for a beautiful experience. You have goat cheese tortellini that you can have with burnt butter, raisins or pine nuts. Of course, there are king pawns as well. When you are done, make it a point of call to taste the desserts of the restaurants. It’s a worthwhile experience.
5. Restaurant La Terraza
The Restaurant La Terraza stays majestically in Casino de Madrid. It’s the perfect spot for food lovers who crave the experience of the elBulli restaurant. During its time, the ElBulli was a Ferran Adria restaurant housed in a 19th-century building. The chief chef at the time was Adria.
A student of Adria also operates the La Terraza of Madrid. Not just that, the restaurant owns Michelin stars, making it a top spot. There, the chef himself will attend to all of your food needs from drinks like rose petal tempura to liquid fritters. High rollers in the casino get a chance to secure a spot at the Roncero’s eight-seat. The seat is famously called the “secret workshop”. There you will experience a whole new level of cooking like never before. Everything in the lad is done to taste from the colour, aroma, temperature, acoustics, and other aspects of your meal.
Nothing beats the idea of celebrating your wins with a proper meal. The above are some of the best restaurants in the world where you can gamble and have the best meals at the same time. Of course, there are many more. If you would like a more comprehensive list, you can check online. You might even be shocked to see there is one close to you.

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