Best Meals on Student’s Budget

Playing your cards with the finances earned in school is very tempting, especially when you smell the good aroma of food everywhere. Some end up falling prey to ordering expensive meals, which would lead them to fall short of cash during their learning period.
Coming up with a dining decision that is cost-effective helps in saving money while on campus. All you need to start up is a guide on budget-friendly foods to buy and considering the option of eating at a restaurant or preparing it.

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Ramen Noodles

Noodles are the cheapest set of foods prepared within a matter of minutes. When having too much work on your plate, boil water, dip in ramen noodles with the added seasoned powder, and enjoy the meal. 
Take some time to use creativity to prepare it to evade the traditional methods of cooking. Make the meal colorful with grated carrots and a snap of peas added to the boiling food. Add some proteins such as red meat or chicken to go with it. 

Soup with Grilled Cheese

Laziness often creeps in when the temperatures are too low, especially during winter or on chilly nights. This is the best time to visit the store and buy a sizable loaf of bread, a can of soup, and cheese accompanied by butter.

This pocket-friendly set of foods is easy to prepare and it only takes a few minutes. Heat the soup with a microwave as you set the table to devour on the hearty meal.

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Deli Sandwiches

They are one of the best set of meals that you can get at a budget and take them as a snack or main meal. Accompanying the sandwich with chips, fries, salad, or soup ensures you have a fulfilling dinner or lunch after a long day.

Meat lovers will fall in love with this food as they can add any set of meat to it with a touch of mustard, making it tastier. The best part is that it is cheap but tempting.
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Rice and Beans

Many students across campuses often opt for this cheap set of food compared to other similar products in the store. This combination provides essential proteins and carbohydrates that the body needs to grow.

The rice only takes a few minutes to boil while the beans require some flavoring to add taste. Chopping some onions and tomatoes and adding ground garlic with turmeric brings out a tasty bean soup to match the rice.


Wastage is never an option for most students on a budget, especially when it comes to meals. Utilizing leftover from the dinner or lunch, you had by creating a burrito saves a lot. You will only need to buy or make a tortilla to roll them up.

This cost-effective meal goes through the simplest set of preparation. Lay down a tortilla on a plate and pour out some leftover beans, rice, or minced meat before rolling them in. Adding some cheese to it will increase the taste making it a simple, hearty meal.

Vegetables and Chicken Breasts

Get a set of chicken breasts from the store at an affordable price compared to when ordering a single one. Fry it in oil to get it crunchy, grill them to get a roast, or opt for poaching it in low temperatures with some wine, milk, stock, or water.

By the time you steam some vegetables, cravings for the taste of the white meat will be overwhelming. Prepare your plate with the chicken breast, cauliflower, and some white rice.


This food is a student’s economical best friend because it is cheap to buy. Accompanying these spaghetti noodles with some thick and tasty sauce will leave you craving for more in days to come. Prepare the sauce with smashed garlic, some few peppers to add a grassier taste, and season it with lemon.

All you need is a pot of boiling water, salt, a draining plate, and stirrer. After a few minutes of boiling the spaghetti, be sure to enjoy having it to your fill.


This simple method of cooking will not leave you exhausted after a long day in class. It only takes a few minutes to light up the source of heat and fry some vegetables or meat on a pan of oil. Broccoli, red bell pepper, carrots, sugar snap peas, and mushrooms are cheap necessities that you need to create a stir-fried meal. 


In the mid of all the pressure and spending experienced on campus, you need to take a break and plan. Balancing schoolwork, a job, and home activities requires strength. Feeding on budget-friendly meals that are easy to prepare saves you a lot of time, ensuring more focus is on studies. Ensure to pick on a healthy diet that is pocket friendly and will keep you energized and active all day long.

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Judy Nelson is a student counselor helping students work on their academic performance and excel in their careers. She helps them with college assignments that include thesis, essays and coursework, trains them for interviews and mentors them for extracurricular. In her free time, she plays tennis, practices meditation and reads novels.

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