Chicken Pepper Soup

Chicken Pepper Soup (1)
Chicken Pepper Soup | Tamil Style Chicken Pepper Rasam | Home Remedy for Flu, Cold and Cough. Comforting Hot chicken pepper soup loaded with fresh black pepper and turmeric that will help you fight this flu season.

If someone in your family is down with a cold, cough or flu, this soup should be on the menu. Chicken bones / broth is rich in glucosamine and carnosine and many research states that it can help in reducing inflammation in the body and also help relieve the congestion in the upper respiratory tract. The collagen in the bones gets released in the stock when cooked. It has anti-inflammatory properties. A good chicken soup can fix your cold in no time.

This chicken pepper soup is a Tamil style soup made with a freshly ground black pepper + spice paste and garlic. Black pepper has a lot of medicinal properties and helps with blocked nasal passage. This chicken pepper rasam / soup is best served with rice.

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Here is the video of how to do chicken pepper soup

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Chicken Pepper Soup

Chicken Pepper Soup | Tamil Style Chicken Pepper Rasam | Home Remedy for Flu, Cold and Cough.

Comforting Hot chicken pepper soup loaded with fresh black pepper and turmeric that will help you fight this flu season.

  • Total Time: 40m
  • Yield: 4 servings 1x



For the Spice Paste

1 tablespoon black pepper
2 teaspoon coriander seeds
1 teaspoon fennel seeds
2 dried red chillies
1/4 teaspoon cumin seeds
1 sprig curry leaves
2 tomatoes
6 cloves garlic

For Cooking Chicken

500 grams chicken with bone
3/4 teaspoon turmeric powder
3/4 teaspoon salt
3 cups water

Other Ingredients

2 tablespoon Indian sesame oil
1/4 teaspoon mustard seeds
1/4 teaspoon cumin seeds
1 sprig curry leaves
1/4 cup Indian shallots, sliced
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup coconut milk (first and second pressed)
3 sprigs coriander leaves, finely chopped


First we will have to make a spice paste. Dry roast all the spices on a low flame till golden and fragrant. Transfer the roasted spices to a mixie jar and grind to a fine powder. Once the spices are ground to a powder, add in the tomatoes and the garlic and grind again to a paste. Add little water if necessary while grinding the tomatoes. Set aside

Take a pressure cooker and add in the chicken. Chicken with a lot of bones is preferred for making this soup as the bones will release its flavour and collagen etc… which is really good for treating colds. You can also make this soup with just bones too. Add in the turmeric powder and the salt. Add the paste. Wash the mixie with little water and add to the cooker. I added a total of three cups of water. Cover the cooker and cook for about 20 minutes on low flame. Ignore the number of whistles. Once the pressure settles, open the cooker and remove the chicken. Shred the chicken and discard the bones. Set aside.

Heat sesame oil in a kadai. When the oil is hot, add in the mustard seeds and the cumin seeds. Add in the curry leaves. Let the mustard seeds crackle. Add in the shallots and sauté till the shallots are nice and soft.

Add in the shredded chicken and sauté for a few seconds. Add in the cooked chicken stock and the coconut milk. Adjust for seasoning and add salt if necessary.  I have used home made coconut milk for making this recipe today. I have used half a cup each of fresh pressed milk and second pressed milk. Coconut milk tends to soothe the tummy at this time.

Add in the coriander leaves and bring the chicken soup to a boil. Once the soup boils, remove from heat. Serve the soup hot with rice.

  • Author: Suguna Vinodh
  • Prep Time: 10m
  • Cook Time: 30m

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13 thoughts on “Chicken Pepper Soup”

  1. Nice recipe Ma’am. Thank you
    In the writen content, the step to add the ground paste to the chicken before cooking it ,is missing.
    Luckily I read in full & realized it before cooking the chicken. In the video it is clear.
    Just wanted to bring it to your notice.

  2. Awesome, Thankyou for sharing.It helps for a person like me who is is vegetarian and wants to cook non veg for family.It turned awesome .God bless.

  3. Pathma Subramaniam

    Thank you so very much for this fantastic recipe! The soup was both comforting and invigorating 😀

    Going to try using the remaining stock as base for pasta!

  4. Made it for the first time.My husband’s cough was gone which he had since a week.Thanks.God bless!

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