Games that have become sales hits and legendary in general

Let’s take apart and remember the games that became box office hits. These titles are still popular with people of all ages.
Games that have become all-time bestsellers
What game does 3% of the world’s population have? Which is more loved – Tetris or Red Dead Redemption 2? This article will teach you about the games purchased most often in history.
The list includes the expected guests that everyone has heard of, as well as a couple of unexpected projects that surprised even us. If you are not interested in PC games but gambling entertainment – then on the site, you will be able to get acquainted with the exciting information.
In our list, you will see games like:
Pac-Man and others
The cubic sandbox game, released by the indie developer in 2011, holds the leadership in sales – the game sold 238 million copies in total, which is 3% of the population. But, not surprisingly, the “indie” trend has only been gaining momentum in recent years.
The game is simple in appearance, but it is incredibly addictive – get ready with your hands to break cube wood, hide from monsters at night, build whatever your imagination allows, explore dangerous caves, craft and do other things.
Grand Theft Auto V
An action game that every adult Brit, his year-old children, elderly parents, and probably pets have because this game has held its own in the UK Steam sales chart for years. The multiplayer part still beckons with its madness and freedom of action, which helped GTA V sell 160 million copies and become the second-best-selling game in the world.
Interestingly, the game is available on three generations of consoles, and we will not give up this tradition.
On the third place, there is an unexpected guest – the legendary puzzle game Tetris created by the Soviet programmer. During its long history, which began in 1984, Tetris was bought 100 million times in its various interpretations.
PC, unfortunately, visited not so many versions – for example, we recommend you to play Tetris Effect, in which the classical rules of the puzzle are interspersed with delightful visual effects, turning the destruction of each block into a parade with fireworks. You will also be pleased with the multiplayer mode.
PUBG: Battlegrounds
It was expected that the game, which still holds the record for the number of concurrent players on Steam (3.2 million), would be in our selection – 75 million gamers have tried to survive in a battle royal.
PUBG: Battlegrounds has become the benchmark for the “Battle Royale” genre in the gaming industry: a hundred lucky players land on a deserted island and start chewing each other’s throats while searching for the best weapons and equipment – until the only survivor remains.
Red Dead Redemption 2
It is another game from GTA’s creators and open-world action with robbery – but here you will be plunged into the Wild West period. Forty-three million gamers were willing to be involved in the cowboy’s life and follow the ambiguous story of Arthur Morgan, who decides to retreat from criminal activities.
Red Dead Redemption 2 was loved because of the small details that make everything realistic. For example, the hair on the hero grows in real-time, and the relationship with the horse is better than in unique simulators.
Another arcade guest from the ’90s is sold out like hotcakes, and RDR 2 lagged behind quite a bit – 41 million. However, the yellow smiley face who eats everything in his path, but not ghosts, still enjoys popularity in games and the media industry.
On PC, we recommend you take a closer look at PAC-MAN 256 – the game offers an unusual isometric view with three-dimensional graphics and not relatively standard gameplay with “survival” in an endless maze.
Slightly earlier than Minecraft, Terraria was born – a similar cubic survival simulator, but with a side view. But the similarities are only external because this game is focused on role-playing adventures in tangled dungeons, where you will find chests with treasures, bosses and tons of randomly generated loot—great fun to go through it all with friends in co-op.
Terraria has managed to tap into the wallets of 35 million gamers, and the game, despite a final update in 2020, still draws tens of thousands of people to its screens.
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
And just now, we got to the legendary RPG The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, which the developer managed to resell in dozens of editions and on three generations of consoles. Again, the stunt yielded its result, but not as strong as the guests above – 30 million copies.
It’s impossible not to fall in love with this game if you have a passion for fantasy RPGs. The base version is rich in content, and the flexibility to mods allowed users to cram even more stuff in and boost the graphics to a realistic level.
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
It is not the first Call of Duty that you will see in our selection. Still, it is the youngest among them – a reboot of the famous Modern Warfare sub-series, for which the developers finally changed the engine, so the game does not feel “secondary” compared to previous releases.
Great graphics, intense multiplayer, and an ambiguous storyline – these and other features helped the project sell 30 million copies.
Diablo III
The hype that unfolded before the release of Diablo III probably hit every gamer, and watching fans count every minute until the game’s release and go all in for the beta was curious. Thanks to the hype, and the subsequent Reaper of Souls update that patched many of the holes from the not-so-good release, this game boasts 30 million sales.
Diablo III still offers to crush dozens and hundreds of monsters into little pieces at a time, build unique builds and get lost in dungeons.
human full flat
Human: Fall Flat
And this is a rather unexpected game in our selection – a funny “online party” type physics puzzle game where you, as ragtag humans, try to solve easy problems and cope with your awkward movements. But, of course, you have to play it strictly with friends.
In terms of sales, Human: Fall Flat is on par with the previous four games – 30 million again. But, you have to agree, if those numbers are more or less expected, then it’s an absolute success for this indie party.
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Grove Street was a second home for teenagers who caught the release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – in 2004, the game created a sensation and became, not dare we say it, an icon of the gaming industry. Cars, gang warfare, complete freedom of action, the opportunity to pump up in the gym and after looking over to his girlfriend, and a bunch of other exciting game situations – it is impossible not to be imbued with it.
GTA: SA sales stopped at 27.5 million copies, but this figure will surely grow because the remaster will be released at the end of 2021.

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