Purva Naturals – Organic Cold Pressed Oils – Review

I received these samples of organic cold pressed oils from Purva naturals for review and I am thrilled to share this post today. One thing I love about Purva Naturals as a company is that they source their ingredients locally and I know that for sure. My agriculturist father is one of their suppliers for organic cocount (copra). (That’s a disclaimer there!!!). Their farms are located in Gandhi Asramam, Periapodhu panchayat, Pollachi. Their products are really good. They have three kinds of oil to offer – Sesame oil, Groundnut oil and Coconut oil – All of their oils are 100% organic and cold pressed.

You may buy their products HERE!

Sesame Oil
My favorite among all kinds of oil has to be this sesame oil. Sesame is an important seed used in Tamilnadu cuisine. Sesame and its oil is very traditional in this part of the world. Sesame is called as எள் (Ell) in tamil. Sesame oil was referred in olden days as எள்நெய் (Ell Nei). Ell meant sesame and Nei meant fat. Later on the name எள்நெய் (Ell-Nei) became எண்ணெய் (Enn-Nei). So the name எண்ணெய் Enn-Nei was referred only for sesame oil in the olden days. When other kinds of oil started appearing, the term எண்ணெய் (Enn-Nei) became a generic word for oil. Sesame oil became நல்லெண்ணெய் (Nalla-Enn-Nei). Nalla means “good”.
Purva 100% organic and cold pressed Sesame Oil
The nutritional benefits of sesame is astonishing. The major nutrients gained from the sesame oil, zinc, magnesium, iron and calcium are retained to a higher degree in cold pressed oils. Sesamol in sesame seed has been known to protect DNA against damage from radiation
I am in love with Purva’s sesame oil. The aroma is one and the froth is another! Sesame oil has a natural tendency to froth up when it hits hot oil. I used it for tempering the spices and look at the foamy froth in the oil below. That’s a very good sign that the oil was minimally processed. The flavour of purva sesame oil is really good! I think this is one of my favorites of Purva among all the three.

Coconut Oil
The coconut tree is called the ‘Kalpavriksh’, or the tree of life. 50 percent of the fat content in coconut is a fat rarely found in nature called lauric acid. Breast milk is the only other natural source that contains such a high concentration of lauric acid. So next time someone says coconut is bad for you, throw a coconut on them. Will you?
Purva 100% organic and cold pressed Coconut Oil
The major nutrients gained from the coconut oil, the omega-3-fatty acids (DHA & EPA) are retained to a higher degree in cold pressed oils. Here is a pic of Purva’s coconut oil. It was still frozen due to the chill weather we are facing here in Bangalore. I love the smell of coconut oil. I always take a minute to enjoy the aroma of coconut oil when it hits a hot pan. Throw in a few sprig of curry leaves and that’s my kind of room freshener you will find at my place.
Purva’s coconut oil has a very distinct aroma that I have come to love. Cold pressing helps in retaining the taste and the natural flavor. We love to use coconut oil for all topical applications too and it smells really good. Purva’s purity can be sensed through both taste and smell and we really like it at home.

Groundnut oil
Groundnut oil is kind of a neutral oil used for everyday cooking. The major nutrients gained from the groundnut oil, Niacin and MUFA( monounsaturated fatty acids) are retained to a higher degree in cold pressed oils. High viscosity of this oil leads to high smoke point (can be heated to temperature of 450°F) therefore its perfect for deep frying multiple food stuff without cross contamination of flavor or taste.

The Packaging.
One thing I love about the oils is the packaging. The easy pour-able spout is such a cool idea that totally totally works. The spout is small so you have total control of the “pour” and it works so well!!! I am in love…….

The Pricing of Purva Naturals.
While compared with the cold pressed oils in the market , Purva oils are very reasonably priced (remember its organic too!). I am sure you will be hooked if you try them once. Do try them and let me know.

Buy Purva and we are sure you will like it!
You may buy their products HERE!
If you are confused as to where to start, start with my favorite – sesame oil!

Try making this small change in the kitchen by replacing your regular oils for healthy cold pressed oils.

5 thoughts on “Purva Naturals – Organic Cold Pressed Oils – Review”

  1. Hi,
    We have been using cold pressed sesame oil for 2 years now. Though we are used to its taste, we find its bitter taste quite disturbing when it has to be used in comparatively large quantity for particular dishes. How to overcome that taste? Sometimes, if its guests day, we opt for refined oil due to this reason.
    And for making poori/deep frying have you ever tried coconut oil? How does it taste?

  2. Dear suguna,

    My name is divya, maitra’s friend. She gave me this link to download your app and i must say i thoroughly enjoyed and tried most of your yummy dishes.
    I wanted to check about the purva oils you mentioned in your post. I am using sunflower oil for cooking. Do you think its healthier to shift to ground nut oil or coconut oil?
    Coconut oil leaves a flavour which i dont like. Have never tried groundnut oil. Please help me figure out which oil is good to use for good flavour and taste.


    1. Thank you so much. Yes. Please do try the cold pressed oils. They are much healthier than the refined oils. Why dont you start with sesame oil if you are into south indian cooking? Sesame is my favorite.

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