Steaks have been raised – Michelin star restaurants in casinos

Casinos have always been associated with flashy locations, fancy playing rooms, alcohol, snazzy suits, beautiful dresses, and exotic locations. However, one thing seems to be an obvious absentee. What could it possibly be? Well, the obvious answer is food. Legend has it, a quick-thinking publicist called Herb McDonald started the idea of an all-you-can-eat-buffet, when a group of hungry players came into his bar in Las Vegas, in the 1940s. Professional cooking is a complicated world of its own and has always been intrinsically linked with the world of casinos. Nowadays, casino owners fight hard to make sure their casinos have excellent culinary options, as a way to draw people in. Delicious food has always been a part of the glamorous casino culture. Many of us cannot afford to go to these places, which is online casinos have become so popular! You can play games from the comfort of your own home and win. In fact, you have jackpots in rupees for Indian People. For those who are curious, here are 4 Michelin Star restaurants in casinos.

Jade Dragon
Situated in the City of Dreams resort in Macau, the Jade Dragon is one of the most prolific restaurants on this list. With delicious food and lush interiors, the restaurant has made you feel as though you are dining with royalty. This imperial restaurant had received one Michelin star in the years 2015 and 2014. After that, the restaurant received 2 Michelin stars for the 3 consecutive years. Specializing in Chinese cuisine, this restaurant now holds 3 Michelin stars. The decor is gorgeous, with the restaurant being divided into five different areas, each with its own sort of color scheme, such as gold, jade, embroidery, Chinese art, etc. The restaurant mimics the look of a Chinese apothecary and even has ongoing research into Chinese Herbal Medicine. The chef aims to make the menu healthy, body preserving and natural with the help of Chinese herbal medicine recipes. The signature dish of this restaurant is the barbecued Iberico pork, roasted in a lychee wood-burning oven. The dim sums, soups and the five-course lunch are some of the other highlights of this one-of-a-kind restaurant.

Waku Ghin
From Chinese cuisine, we move to Singaporean, in this famous restaurant by Tetsuya Wakada in Singapore. Located in the Marina Sands Hotel, which is also the home to a massive gaming arcade, a shopping center, and several famous restaurants, this restaurant is a delight for culinary experts. This two Michelin star restaurant has a 10-course Japanese-European menu. A fusion menu, the restaurant combines the best and freshest Australian produce, which is cooked in a French style but served up in a Japanese style. You can enter the restaurant, and choose any one of the three comfy and cushy private cocoons, each helmed by a chef. There are several tasty signature dishes, such as Marinated Botan Shrimp with Sea Urchin and Oscietra Caviar, and Japanese Ohmi Wagyu Roll from Shiga Prefecture with Wasabi and Citrus Soy. Their speciality dessert is in the drawing-room, that offers a spectacular view of Marina Bay. Their bar serves Japanese cocktails and Sake. This place is a shrine to Japanese Cuisine, and Wakada was appointed as the first-ever Sake ambassador.

This beautifully named restaurant is one of the best examples of Modern French Cuisine. Alain Ducasse is a superstar, who has about 31 restaurants worldwide, as well as a massive number of 20 Michelin stars. Morpheus contributes 2 to his record. This is located in the Melco-owned City of Dreams in Las Vegas. The restaurant is brilliantly constructed, with the help of water, glass and atmospheric mood lighting, which creates a stylish, classy, but intimate and quiet environment. The dishes are unique, accentuated by their perfect balance of flavor. Signature dishes include bresse hen chicken with crayfish and steamed duck foie gras. The restaurant is also known for its notable wine selection. It an iconic restaurant, expertly designed, perfectly constructed, meant to appeal to the most refined of tastes.

Three Star Vegas
This famous restaurant boasts an even more famous chef, the enigmatic Joel Robuchon, who was the chef renowned for holding 32 Michelin stars, more than any other chef in the world. Though he has passed away, his legacy lives on in these three Michelin Star Restaurant. This restaurant boasts classic French Cuisine, as well as classy and stylish interiors. For a thousand dollars, you can enjoy their signature dishes of French cuisine like sea urchin flan and truffled langoustines with foie gras.

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