The Best Dishes To Eat In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is renowned for The Strip, casinos and shows. But, what it’s also recognised for is fine dining. If you visit Las Vegas, you can enjoy some great food, but because there are so many great dishes, you will have to pick and choose. But luckily, we know all the Las Vegas secrets and have detailed the best dishes to try below.


You may not immediately think it, but traditional Italian-style cooking and dishes are incredibly popular in Las Vegas. And it makes a lot of sense that people want to load up on carbs after a heavy day on the Strip. Some casinos even let you eat your lasagna while facing off against the dealers, especially at roulette tables – albeit I don’t recall that being one of the best roulette strategies. The reason lasagna is now a go-to is that it’s authentic. It’s not Americans trying to do Italian dishes. It’s Italians using family recipes and serving up serious treats.

Lobster Roll

Sometimes you can’t beat a bit of what you fancy, and in most cases, that’s something you can describe as a classic dish. And what is finer than getting your mouth around a well-cooked, seasoned and prepared lobster roll? A lobster roll, often called a Maine-style lobster roll, is one of those dishes that fills a hole, is tasty, and won’t leave you feeling all lethargic. In many ways, it’s ideal for those who are out and about in Vegas and still have plenty of things to see and do throughout the day and into the evening.

Chicken And Waffles

Chicken and waffles have been a hit in Vegas and across North America for some time, and now the popularity has seen this slowly start to become the case elsewhere. But, as everyone knows, eating a dish in a place that really knows how to make it is going to be the ultimate experience, and there are plenty of said places in Vegas. In many ways, the combination of chicken and waffles is perfect, and what has also been the case is that the dish continues to be modified and customised to provide new tastes, such as the introduction of things such as hot sauce and even pineapple. Chicken and waffles being readily available is a godsend on the Strip.


We have to include a dessert somewhere because not only do most people love them, but they’re available in abundance in Vegas. What you naturally get are all the classic desserts, such as ice cream and so on, selling everywhere, so we went with cannoli because, again, it’s just a tad more of a speciality. And again, it pays homage to the great and authentic Italian style of food available in the area. Cannoli can also come with different fillings too, so there’s something for everyone in that respect. And you can pair them up with coffee to make for an even better experience. It’s also another dish that isn’t going to slow down your day in any way.

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