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  1. San Kan says

    Hello Kannamma,

    Thank you so much for all your recipes. My husband is also from Coimbatore, I liked all the recipes that I tried from your blog, visiting this site is my favorite pass time. Also like your introduction to all the recipes. Good bless you for sharing your Passion.


  2. Savitha says

    Tried with white rice…superb taste…Thanx for the recipe…Keep up the service of teaching new recipes…🙂

  3. Sha N says

    Hi there, may i know why we add lemon juice at the end of it. sorry for asking, i’m a noob in cooking but have recently started to cook. thank you.

  4. Valli says

    Hai… I am valli… Your receipes are so yummy.. i am a vegetarian, but my kids and husband love non veg.. i tried fish and egg receipes.. i received a complement that it was so authentic.. they loved it and insists me whenever I am cooking non veg please follow the same receipes. Thank you so much

  5. Vinita says

    Hello Suguna
    Is pottukadalai an essential ingredient for this recipe? Will the curry have a very different taste if this ingredient is not added?

  6. Geetali says

    Thank you for this wonderful recipe. I was in the mood for egg curry last night, but didn’t want the typical North Indian flavour.
    Your step-by-step visual guidance really works for me.

  7. Swetha says

    Tried it today and tasted amazing. Tastes very similar to the Pondicherry Egg curry – but then I did substitute coconut milk for coconut 🙂

    Both are a favorite of ours – very simple and quick to put together and tastes like home !