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baby potato cashew masala-1-3

Baby Potato Cashew Masala

Easy and delicious potato masala made with a tangy and rich tomato cashew paste. A perfect side dish for roti and chapati. It’s vegan too. …

Kongunadu Pasi Payaru kadayal & Rasam (4)

Pasi Payaru Kadayal And Pasi Payaru Rasam

Recipe for Pasi Payaru Kadayal And Pasi Payaru Rasam made with Whole moong. A very traditional Kongunadu-style recipe. This Kongunadu style Pasi Payaru Kadayal & …


Chicken Donne Biryani Recipe | Dhonnai Biryani Recipe | Bengaluru Military Hotel Style Chicken Biryani Recipe

Recipe for Chicken Donne Biryani made with homemade masala paste and spices from scratch. Recipe with a detailed video. Donne Biryani – This is a …


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